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Samedi's militia

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Samedi's militia
Samedi's militia.jpg
Location: Haiti
Purpose: Rebellion against the government
First appearance The Eclipse, Part 1
Known leader: Baron Samedi
Known members: Soldier,
Equipment used: AK-47s

Baron Samedi builds a militia in Haiti to carry out his will. They are involved in murders, lootings, kidnappings, and sexual slavery.


The Eclipse, Part 1

Once back to Haiti, Samedi use his power to sway the Haitian Vodou followers into believing he is a god, and built an army. He and his men find Nathan, Peter, and the Haitian in the jungle and shoot at them. Peter and the Haitian escape, but Nathan is captured by the militia.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Samedi and his men lock up Nathan in a cell with other prisoners, a girl and her sister. One of the soldiers takes Marie away, while another forces Nathan to kneel before Samedi. After Samedi is knocked out and tied up by his brother, the soldiers find him and go to look for the culprits. They eventually find Peter who tries to hold them off by shooting at them, but he eventually runs out of ammo and surrenders. However, the Haitian comes up behind the soldiers and knocks them out using his restored powers. Nathan and Peter knock out the other two soldiers, and the Haitian knocks out Samedi.


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