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String web

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String web
String web overhead.jpg
In the future, Hiro has constructed a web of history.

First mentioned: .07%
Owned by: Hiro Nakamura (explosion future),
Peter Petrelli (exposed future)
Current status: Hiro's:
Confiscated by Homeland Security
In Peter's apartment

The string web is set of interconnected strings arranged by Future Hiro around Isaac Mendez's apartment in the "explosion future". Future Peter, arriving from the "exposed future", also built a similar web.


Each string represents a person, with notes and newspaper clippings representing important events in their lives. A connection among the strings indicates a meeting of the people represented. After the explosion Hiro Nakamura constructed the web to help him determine at what point in time he should intervene to alter history.


After accidentally teleporting into the future, Hiro and Ando go to Isaac's apartment to seek advice on what they should do to prevent the explosion. Entering, they find the apartment wrecked, and a complex web of strings has been erected within.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Future Hiro uses the string web to determine where and when he can meet Peter Petrelli in the past and deliver the message.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro explains the purpose of the string web to Hiro and Ando. Later, Mohinder Suresh investigates the apartment at the President's request. He determines that Hiro was using the web as a map of time. He concludes that Hiro intends to use time-travel to alter history. He shows the President how some lines cross at certain points. He cuts some of the web to demonstrate how changing the past at a certain time would alter history.

The Butterfly Effect

In his apartment, Peter creates a string web coming off of his own version of the map.

Graphic Novel:Resistance

When Claire is trying to pick apart a terrorist cell, she discovers that their leader is Peter. Surrounded by a string web showing the pictures of Mohinder, Nathan, Tracy, and the Haitian, Claire announces to herself that love doesn't stay, and this is the time to kill Peter Petrelli.




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