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Blood recipients

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Blood recipients
Powers claire maya receives magic blood.jpg
Maya receives regenerative blood.

First mentioned: The Hard Part

The blood of several individuals has been shown to have remarkable properties. Recipients of blood from these individuals have benefited from these properties.

Regenerative Blood Recipients

Adam Monroe and Claire Bennet both can heal rapidly from an injury. This trait can be temporarily given to others if Adam or Claire's blood is given to another individual. Three people so far have benefited from this act.

Shanti Virus Antidote Blood Recipients

Mohinder Suresh possesses antibodies in his blood that cure the Shanti virus. These antibodies can be extracted and used to cure other individuals afflicted with the virus. Thus far, four people have received either Mohinder's blood or the antibodies extracted from it.

Regenerative-Blood-Enhanced Antidote

As evidenced by Niki Sanders's case, there do exist strains of the virus that are immune to Mohinder's antibodies alone. While researching the regenerative properties of Claire's blood, Mohinder has theorized that combining it with his antibodies makes the antibodies stronger, and able to combat more strains of the virus.



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