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Chandra's files

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Chandra's files
Sylar shuffles through a collection of Chandra Suresh's files about people with unusual genetic powers.

First mentioned: Six Months Ago
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: Taken by Homeland Security

Chandra's files are a series of research files compiled by Chandra Suresh on the emergence of unusual genetic powers. He had these files with him in New York.



When Mohinder enters his father's apartment in Brooklyn, he discovers that it's been ransacked.

Six Months Ago

In Chandra's apartment, Chandra Suresh examines Gabriel Gray for any signs of special abilities but finds nothing. When Chandra decides to move on, Gabriel becomes agitated, and grabs a stack of Chandra's files, including one for Brian Davis. He throws the files down in anger, but keeps the Post-It note with Brian's address.

Turn and Face the Strange

Mohinder returns to Chandra's apartment to find his father's files, but the landlord tells him they were taken by Homeland Security. He mentions that there was another set of files Chandra had stored elsewhere in the building, which Mohinder finds relate to his father's work at Coyote Sands. The file contains a text about "Operation Icarus for people with special abilities", a whole page of addresses and a security badge for Doctor Suresh issued Feb. 13th 1961. With the address list Mohinder draws a new card with a sun wheel of threads leading all to the center in Arizona.


When Bennet asks Mohinder why he shows up at Coyote Sands, he grabs the Operation Icarus files. Bennet opens it and finds the file about the Shaw sisters. The file lists clairvoyance, dreams, nightmares about the future, and psychic abilities as suspected abilities.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Two of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory are titled "Suresh Research" and "Suresh Research cont."


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Chandra Suresh kept a number of other files relating to evolved humans:


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