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Spoiler:Strange Attractors

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Strange Attractors
Season: Four
Episode number: 406
First aired: October 26, 2009
Unaired episode.jpg
Directed by: Tucker Gates
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This article contains archived spoilers about Strange Attractors. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb

The Heroes attempt to rescue themselves and others without the use of their powers

Matt (Greg Grunberg) goes to extreme measures to extinguish Sylar (Zachary Quinto), who continues to torment him. Elsewhere, HRG (Jack Coleman) calls in a favor from Tracy (Ali Larter) to save a troubled young boy whose misfortunes resemble her own. While Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and Gretchen (guest star Madeline Zima) are being hazed by their new sorority sisters, they realize pledging might not be their biggest problem. Robert Knepper also stars. Lisa Lackey, Tessa Thompson and Rick Worthy guest stars.

Fan Theories

  • This episode will deal with Claire and Gretchen's relationship.
  • This episode will focus on the Carnival run by Samuel.
  • This episode could possibly be between Peter and the Carnival, as Peter has always/used to aid the 'baddie' and they could be attracted to them.
  • This will be about the carnival and focus on Samuel's terrakinesis.
  • This episode will focus on various heroes being recruited by the Samuel, arising from strange circumstances.
  • The long awaited pheromone ability will present itself.
  • Sylar will seem more attractive to Matt than ever before.
  • A new, frightening evolved human, horribly different than others (blue mutants from Marvel, disfigured, etc.), will come into play.
  • The title forshadows unlikely partnerships between some of the heroes.
  • There will be another water mimic whom Tracy will help.
  • There will be another depowering eclipse.
  • Matt will seek out Angela or Noah to get help in eliminating Sylar.
  • This will be the episode when Sylar takes control over Matt and has sex with Janice.
  • In this episode, Claire's sorority will try and kill Gretchen.
    • In this episode, Becky will try to kill Gretchen, and make it appear to have been the sorority (thereby getting rid of Gretchen and simultaneously driving Claire away from the sorority, killing two birds with one stone)
  • Sylar will appear to have sex with Matt's wife as Matt realizes that his power is becoming controlled by the Boogeyman
  • Sylar will regain his memories and kill everyone, except Lydia, at the carnival
  • Peter will be recruited by Sullivan to deal with the swiftly advancing Sylar.