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iStory:The Civilian/chapter 504 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 4 of The Civilian.

All cases (I)

Rachel Mills finds herself in the Bennets' home, with Claire Bennet staring at her. Claire says that Rachel isn't supposed to be there, since she has a "free pass". Rachel realizes that she is reliving a previous experience.

Options (I)

The player can choose what Rachel says to Claire.

All cases (II)

Rachel begins hearing a voice calling her "Honey!" She wakes up, startled, and covered in sweat. Leona sits next to her, comforting her. She tells Rachel that she's okay.

Options (II)

The player can now choose what Rachel says to Leona.

All cases (III)

Rachel meets the two kids who camped out in the backyard of her house. They are Mykah and Cole, fraternal twins. The three of them watch as the bikers zoom past them, into the city. Rachel asks Mykah and Cole about why they are here. Mykah says that they're looking for their cousin, Amber, who has gone missing. They followed the bikers here, with hopes that Amber might be found. They insist that something has happened to Amber.

Options (III)

The player can choose what Rachel says to the twins, and what Rachel does afterward.


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