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Chief Parker

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Chief Parker
First appearance The Civilian
Debut July 15, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Home Lyneboro, CT
Occupation Chief of Lyneboro Police

Chief Parker was the Chief of the Lyneboro police. He was killed by Cooper.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 1 of The Civilian, Chief Parker meets with Rachel in his office at the police station. He once again refuses to comment on his "special project" and tells Rachel that people have reported that the spare room in her house has had its window broken.

In chapter 2 of The Civilian, Rachel meets with Chief Parker, who is concerned about Toby, a missing boy. The Chief tells Rachel to find Toby no matter what and gives her a bit of information about him. He tells her that if she comes across his brother Cooper, he should let him handle it as the two have history.

In chapter 3 of The Civilian, Chief Parker meets with Rachel and tells her that nothing that big is going on in town. She asks about the local and city gangs and Chief Parker tells her that he will look into it.

In chapter 4 of The Civilian, Rachel meets with Chief Parker and asks about the bikers. He tells her to check on Smokey and when she asks about his project, he surprises her by handing her a file. He explains that a few months ago, there were lots of "New Arrivals" in Lyneboro and that they all payed through a corporation. Rachel already knows what he is about to say and the Chief tells her that everyone who came to the town was "special". Rachel asks him why he is telling her this and he hands her another file. She picks it up and sees that it is all about Pinehearst and their super soldier program. The Chief tells Rachel that she is closer to the heart of the conspiracy than anyone else and Rachel warns him not to get too involved. Afraid, the Chief asks if he is too late but he will not tell her what he is talking about.

Later, The Chief assures Rachel that he will get the State Police down to help investigate the discovery of several bodies.

In chapter 5 of The Civilian, Rachel, Claire and Store go to the Town hall to stop Kelly. They arrive too late however, as Kelly has already had Cooper kill the chief.

Faction Zero

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Rachel momentarily flashes back to an image of the chief, lying dead on his desk of research.


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