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Theory:Bob Bishop

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The following fan theories are about Bob Bishop.

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Theory Citations Notes
Bob adopted Elle when she was taken into the Company. Claire was adopted. (Company Man) - Unlike Noah Bennet, Bob has powers and it is plausible that his children would have powers.
Eden McCain's parents were apparently powerless, as were Alex Woolsly's. Being an evolved human does not appear to affect the manifestation in an offspring's powers.

+ Many parallels have been drawn between Claire and Elle, and it's implied that Bob had the Haitian erase all of Elle's previous life. (Powerless)
- Bennet's description of how Bob brought Elle in to be tested by The Company seems to suggest strongly that she is Bob's biological daughter.(Cautionary Tales)

Bennet was supposed to return his adopted daughter to the Company once she manifested her powers.

+ Bob's wife and Elle's mother identity is not evident.

Bob was allied with Linderman towards blowing up New York. Sandra recognizes Bob as Noah's boss. (Cautionary Tales)
Noah's other boss, Thompson, openly supports Linderman's plan. (The Hard Part)
+ Bob seems pretty well set up (comfy office, access to files, prisoners, experimental viruses and cures, no hint of conflict in The Company other than a pair of runaways and a telepathic assassin, i.e. no one questions his authority) for a guy who's just taken over The Company in less than 24 hours.
- The events in Volume Two take place four months after Volume One's finale, not 24 hours.
- Angela took Bob's position even more easily.

Linderman spends his time running a vast crime syndicate and lives in Vegas. Someone has to handle the day-to-day affairs of The Company...
- Bob talks about fixing the problems that Linderman made when he first talks to Niki.

+ Bob is clearly manipulative. He may have been dishonest in order to win Niki's trust by implying that they were both enemies of Linderman.

- Angela only mentions herself and Linderman as supporters of Adam's plans.

+ If Angela was still working with Bob, it would have been unwise to expose their each other, hence it makes sense if Angela was also being dishonest.
- Matt and Nathan already knew about the connection between Bob and Angela, there would be no point in hiding that information, especially after the failure of the bomb and Linderman's death.
Bob was a sociopath like Elle. None + Elle says that she was diagnosed as a sociopath; it could be genetic.
- It is unclear if Bob was Elle's biological father.
Nothing suggests he isn't her biological father.
- Noah Bennet told Elle that she was tested on by her father and had her memories removed. Her unstable behavior probably has more to do with her environment than genetics.

+ Bob was very manipulative and works for a rather "morally gray" group.
+ He let tests be made on Elle at age of seven. Even if she is not his daughter, this shows a rather dark personality.
+ His powers could represent how he was materialist and may not care about people, thinking them as objects.

Bob orchestrated the rise of Sylar, by pointing Chandra to the location of "Patient Zero" or by other means. None + Victoria Pratt obtained Strain 138 from Shanti. The Company must have had at least some awareness of Chandra's research.

+ Noah kept Sylar alive by strict orders from his boss. (Godsend). Bob was his boss. (Truth & Consequences)

- His boss was Thompson, not Linderman or Bob.

+ It has been theorized that Angela Petrelli or Carlos Mendez have the power of precognition, and could foresee the evolution of Gabriel Gray into the psychopath Sylar.

Angela Petrelli has a precognitive ability, and according to Arthur in Eris Quod Sum, she did "see" what Gabriel would become.
- Arthur Petrelli could have been lying. He also told Sylar he was their son.

It may have to do with the brain located in the Vault.
+ Bob and Chandra have met in the past (1961). Bob may want to manipulate Chandra in revenge.
- Not even Bob would help in creating a monster who would hunt evolved humans, the Company's main resources.

Bob asked Sylar to kill him. None + He could have done it to annoy Elle.

+ Elle might have got into a relationship with Sylar because he told her that he killed her father and she might have been acting in It's Coming.
- We saw Sylar cutting Elle's head in The Eclipse, Part 2, and she wasn't expecting that.
- Sylar would want revenge for having been infected with the Shanti virus, and a new ability to boot.

Bob never liked Elle. None + He allowed her to be experimented on.

- Angela said that Elle only lasted in the Company because her father intervened in her favor.
He needed someone with an ability that can stop almost anyone. He doesn't need to like all his agents, and he thinks that Elle is a disappointment.
+ It was been speculated that Elle's mother died giving birth to her. If this is so, this might explain his dislike for her.

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