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The following fan theories are about Renautas.

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Theory Citations Notes
Renautas is working with Yamagato Industries on Project Epic and the Evernow video game is tied to the project. None + Renautas captured Molly Walker and Micah Sanders. Micah can talk to machines, which is a power that seems to go hand in hand with the nature of the Evernow video game, especially with Miko Otomo being able to travel in and out of the virtual world.

+ Yamagato seems to have captured Hachiro Otomo, the person who created the Evernow video game.

- It's not confirmed that Yamagato captured him, but rather, that he was captured and taken to Yamagato. He could have been captured by a rogue within Yamagato.

- Yamagato was led by the Nakamura family, a traditionally heroic family. It does not seem likely that the company would engage in such villainy.

Things could have changed in between the original series and Reborn in regards to Yamagato Industries.

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