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Theory:Sylar (explosion future)

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The following fan theories are about Sylar (explosion future).

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Theory Citations Notes
Future Sylar has Molly Walker's power. Hiro said that he brought Molly, Candice, and D.L. to Noah Bennet. (Five Years Gone) + Candice and D.L. are both dead and Sylar has their powers.

+ Bennet considers Molly a threat to Claire and could have turned Molly over, knowing the dangerous evolved humans were killed.

- Noah was unable to harm Molly the first time around (How To Stop An Exploding Man), under the same circumstances.

- Had Sylar managed to gain Molly's powers he would not have needed Matt or anyone else to find Claire and would have acquired her abilities shortly after taking Molly's.

But it might have looked strange if the President just happened to know where all the evolved humans were.

He had Candice's power of illusion; it wouldn't appear that the President knew where all the evolved humans were.
- He was unable to find Future Hiro until present day Hiro and Ando appeared on Charles Deveaux's rooftop.

Sylar's ability of illusion does not affect cameras. His ability to fool cameras comes from a different ability. Sylar is able to look and sound like Nathan on camera. (Five Years Gone) + It is possible that Sylar uses Micah's technopathy to fool the cameras. In the Five Years Gone timeline, Micah is dead.
+ If Sylar killed D.L., which is likely since Sylar has phasing, then there's a good chance that he also got to Micah.
- D.L. was killed by Sylar because Noah Bennet turned him in. Micah wasn't turned in; he died because Peter exploded. This means that Sylar could not have taken Micah's power.
- Sylar couldn't bring himself to harm Molly Walker in One Giant Leap, nor did he harm Luke Campbell in Exposed or Micah in I Am Sylar; in fact, he appears to have a soft spot for children.

- Candice's illusions could be seen in mirrors.

That may simply be an extension of an illusion.
Future Sylar had induced radioactivity. Everyone thought that he blew up New York. + Aside from Hiro's last minute interference, the original timeline played out just like the explosion future.
Future Sylar killed Linderman. None + Linderman wasn't shown in the explosion future.

- D.L. could have killed Linderman, just like in the original timeline.

The ability Sylar used to fight Peter wasn't freezing. None + When Mohinder was holding the door, there were many yellow and blue flashes. Yellow suits Peter's pyrokinesis, but ice doesn't glow.

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