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Night vision goggles.jpg
The Haitian wears thermal imaging goggles.

First mentioned: Unexpected
Owned by: The Company
Current status: In use

The Company uses several types of goggles for its purposes.



Atop Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Noah and the Haitian use thermal imaging goggles to find Peter and Claude, who are both invisible.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

Claude and Haram use binoculars to locate Rollo Fusor in a Paris hotel.

Graphic Novel:Hana and Drucker's Plot Discovered

After Matt Neuenberg discovers Hana and Drucker's plot to bring down the Company, Elle puts a pair of goggles on Matt so she can destroy the mainframe, and Matt can visually store the data in his brain.

Graphic Novel:The End of Hana and Drucker

After the Company's mainframe is destroyed, Matt Neuenberg collapses and Elle removes his goggles.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

Thompson, Jr. uses night vision goggles to spy on Donna from half a block away from her apartment. Donna, able to see in the dark, shoots Thompson in his goggles.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Penny Logan uses binoculars to spy on a target in Levittown and his girlfriend.


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