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First appearance The Civilian
Debut 22 July 2007
In-story stats
Known ability Inflammation
Age 9
Home Lyneboro, CT
Parents Smokey,
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Sibling Cooper

Toby is a young boy from Lyneboro who has mysteriously gone missing.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 2 of The Civilian, Toby stumbles out of a farm house and tries to escape. He runs to the tree line as fast as he can. After he leaves, a man steps out of the house and follows him. Rachel gets assigned to find Toby, as he has been kidnapped, and she learns that he went fishing and never came back. Rachel follows a gang of kids to his body, which is lying half-dead in the river. Rachel discovers that Toby was kidnapped by Cooper because he had recently manifested something that was hurting other people.

Evolved Human Abilities

Toby has an ability that allows him to affect others by making them feel burning pains. Additionally, his victims often get burned on the skin or internally.

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