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First appearance The Civilian
Debut August 4, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Intuitive Empathy and Empathy Communication
Formal name Cielo Estee; (was legally changed from Clark L. Stark during college)
Aliases Clark, C.L. Stark
Nicknames Seal, Iron Man of Steel, 2Arx
Age 23
Home Utah
Sibling Marc
Other relatives Amber (cousin)

Seal is the twin brother of Marc.

Character History

"Seal" was a kid who it seemed everyone liked. He had a sense of confidence that made him successful, and he had the feeling that he could do anything he set his mind to do. His attitude may have also been affected by the name bestowed upon him.

You don't usually choose the surname you are born with, but, paired with that name, a good first name can seemingly work wonders. And his dad, an avid reader and collector of comic books, thought his name should've been Calvin L. Stark. The "L" wasn't short for anything - his dad just thought it would be cool that he could call his son "Cal L". However, his mom vetoed that name combination. Later, though, when they learned they were expecting twins, she agreed on two names that were similar, but not exactly rhyming. Clark and Marcus.

It seemed so innocuous at first, but it wasn't long for kids to notice that one of the brothers had the "cooler" name. It didn't make sense to him, though, because it's not like he was from another planet and grew up on a farm, nor was he the genius inventor and charming son of a wealthy industrialist. And both Stark siblings were remarkable in their own ways. It's true that he and his brother were above-average kids in school and sports and whatever other activities they tackled, but there was nothing more extraordinary about him than "Marc".

Yet, the idea of being a superhero often occupied his idle thoughts. But what could he do? Why couldn't the other kids understand that he didn't choose his name; why did they tease him when he wasn't able to act like a superhero? He was only a non-super-powered, middle-class suburban kid.

After a field trip to the observatory, though, he noticed that, although kids would do their usual teasing, he discovered he could also sense what their real intentions were. "If I knocked him down a notch, then maybe she would notice me instead". With that enhanced insight, he decided to strive to act with more humility in the things he accomplished, although he never had a prideful bone in his body.

In one-on-one situations, he was able to use what he understood and talk with the person to help out however he could. And later, his ability continued to develop so that he could help quite a few people almost instantaneously as if it was an involuntary reflex, especially when he realized he didn't have time to "educe" the best actions out of people by talking it out.

With his ability, to sense where people were coming from, he realized that Marcus felt a little slighted in the name game, and also that it seemed to Marc that the "Iron Man of Steel" could do no wrong, so he found ways to help Marc out.

When the family had to move to another town because of dad's job, he decided to tell everyone at the new school that his name was "C. L." Stark (his dad was able to keep the middle initial, which still didn't stand for anything), so the "Iron Man of Steel" nickname didn't follow him, and it didn't become something Marc would have to cope with again.

Seal also discovered that his brother had some sort of health giving ability, and he understood that Marc, every once in a while, would have a selfish desire to see him suffer a little bit, so Seal gave Marc the impression that, in order to help heal another person, it wouldn't harm his healthy brother much if a portion of the person's pain was transferred to him. He realized that that occasional release helped Marc, so Seal thought that it was worth the discomfort. He also gave Marc the distinct impression that transferring one person's infirmities to anyone other than Seal was a bad idea - no one should use that ability lightly. Because of his "charity", Marc feels good knowing that he has the ability to help restore another's health and that he can occasionally use it to give his brother some aches and pains. And since that's something he can do which Seal can't, Seal hasn't let him know that he has an ability, also. That way, life's good for everyone. Maybe if it's necessary, he'll let Marc know, but for the moment, ignorance is bliss.

When C. L. left for college (a different one than Marc's), he legally changed his name to Cielo Estee, getting rid of the 2 "arks" (and the possibility of the "2Arx" moniker) which influenced people's humorous opinions that he was doubly "pre-destined" to be superhero. He still believes that, in what he can accomplish, "the sky's the limit", so, he chose his first name accordingly (with the related idea that only he can put limits on what he achieves), and that name was also chosen so it could be construed as the reason his nickname's "Seal" (even though the pronunciation isn't exactly the same).

Nowadays, Seal doesn't do any spectacularly and visibly heroic feats, like the Iron Man of Steel might be expected to do, but it's great when he can be in the right spot at the right time to influence everyone in a given situation so that they all are doing their best to cope. It was as if his desire to solve the problem of "Why can't we all just get along?" became his responsibility.

Once, when he happened to be in a bank robbery and hostage situation (he actually got the impression to follow one of the perpetrators), he was able to calmly and quickly get innocent bystanders, the suspects and law enforcement personnel to resolve the situation without unnecessary incident. What's interesting is he has now noticed that, even though he can influence a whole train station full of folks to get something done as a seemingly self-motivated team, all while not actively looking like a hero, he gets the odd feeling that his actions are being monitored, so he has attempted to not draw attention to himself when he gets the urge to help others out, whenever possible.

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 3 of The Civilian, Seal's brother, Marc, mentions that he often uses his ability on him, as he knows Seal can handle it.


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