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Enhanced sexiness
Held by: Simone Deveaux (deceased),
Kimiko Nakamura,
Maya Herrera,
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Sparrow Redhouse etc.
Ability to: Be really, really sexy

Enhanced sexiness is the ability to be amazingly attractive and hot. This ability is common amongst women - however, many men possess it too.


... and many others.


The ability of enhanced sexiness makes its possessor attractive and sexy, but while one is more adept in it, another is weaker. Enhanced sexiness is a very common ability, held by many evolved humans. It is unknown if it can be absorbed - however, it is the only ability Peter Petrelli managed to retain after his father, Arthur Petrelli, rendered him powerless. Neither did Maya Herrera lose enhanced sexiness when Arthur removed her another ability, so it's clear that it is unaffected by power absorption.
Enhanced sexiness cannot be suppressed either - when Sylar was injected with Shanti virus, he was still able to use it. Peter was on a special medicine, so-called 'the Haitian pills', which is capable of blocking abilities, and both before and after that they were negated by the Haitian, but enhanced sexiness was still active. Not even the eclipses can remove this particular ability - Maya, Peter, Sylar and Elle Bishop retained enhanced sexiness during the span of a depowering eclipse.
However, there is a single example of the loss of enhanced sexiness - Angela Shaw (later Angela Petrelli) manifested this ability in 1961, but in the present she has no signs of it. The reasons for that are unknown. It may be because Angela changed her last name when she married Arthur Petrelli (whose ability cannot take enhanced sexiness away), or because enhanced sexiness disappears with time, when an evolved human ages.
This ability may be induced by the genetic modification formula. Although it is unclear if Tracy Strauss acquired enhanced sexiness when she was injected, Ando Masahashi did - after he injected himself with a sample of the formula, he obtained ability supercharging and enhanced sexiness, which manifested a few weeks later than the former. Mohinder Suresh granted himself this ability when he used a sample of the formula which lacked the catalyst, and it manifested immediately, although it had sinister side effects. Later, when he soaked in the complete formula, it removed the side effects of his mutation, and enhanced sexiness became much weaker.