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Nickname BulldozerBegins
Powers Flashbulb memory, good with wiki syntax
Alias Dozerfleet founder
Sex Male
Age 27
Date of birth 1983
Home Big Rapids, MI
Occupation TV production student
Favorite Heroes quote "There is no such thing as stepping on a small butterfly."
Favorite quote "Sometimes, one must reflect back to remember why one must move forward." - Gordon Lomken, "Scalding Inquiries," Stationery Voyagers
Favorite color Black and Gold
Favorite actor Kyle Chandler
Favorite actress Kelly Stables
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto
Favorite Heroes actress Katie Carr
Favorite power Telekinesis
Favorite fruit Kiwi and Blueberry
US I am from the United States

BulldozerBegins is the username of a contributor here on this wiki.


Also known as "the Dozerfleet founder," among other things, I am a fan of Heroes that has used audio commentary from the show numerous times as production advice when creating products for Ferris State television.

I'm also an ambitious storyteller and amateur filmmaker, and a frequent contributor to TVTropes. I run my own entertainment brand, Dozerfleet Productions, as a hobby. Dozerfleet produces not only videos, but also webcomics and novellas, and occasionally, song lyrics.

I enjoy nearly everything about the format of Heroes as a show, which the aforementioned TVTropes site dubs "noughties drama series." In addition, I enjoy a lot of comic book movies, like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Inspired by these, I have set out to create works of my own under the "Dozerfleet Comics" imprint.

My websites

The following are sites that I operate:

Well-known works

The following are works of mine that are acknowledged outside of a very small inner circle of knowledge:

  • Stationery Voyagers: A book series in the works. Two minisodes are published and available for free reading on the Dozerfleet Forum. SV aims to be the same genre as Heroes, and contains several shout outs to it.

    These include, but are not limited to:
    • Consto and Pextel's animosity and personalities being similar to Sylar versus Peter
    • Preamble becoming telekinetic and being kidnapped via teleportation to stop him from doing something evil.
    • Rosetta's personality is similar to that of Angela Petrelli.
    • Valerie Consto is named after Virginia Gray.
    • Garret Nobee is named after Noah Bennet, and Will Rook is named after Bob Bishop. Garret becomes a sort of surrogate father for Katrina Mantalone, who much like Future Claire, attempts to solve her problems with a gun.
    • An episode titled "Zebras," instead of "Lizards."
    • Gordon Lomken and Mitchell Lomken are a detached father-son relationship, similar to Chandra Suresh and Mohinder Suresh. Gordon is murdered by Ivan Witherpool, who has very short and balding hair and a "hunter" instinct like Emile Danko.
    • Mitchell's quest to Antia involves delivering a book that his father wrote. Yet, he has no desire to avenge his family.
    • Ronda Moleary is an amalgamation of Caitlin and Isaac. In a twist, her writings only come true via metaphor. The only thing she ever drew that came true was a picture of a Lightning Zebra.
    • Liquidon, not entirely understanding his own power of Mikloche, fears he could explode and destroy an entire city if he ever loses control of himself.
    • As Mitchell reads the Inktactillia, Gordon narrates through it with philosophical insights, much like Mohinder's inner thoughts serve as a philosophical monologue on Heroes.
    • Heroes has an arc number of "9." Stationery Voyagers has 86, 64, and 22.
  • Ciem: Vigilante Centipede: This is a Sims-made Machinomic (being adapted as a novel in an alternate continuity) that is very similar in some regards to the Spider-Man films by Sam Raimi. Nevertheless, it shares some common ground with Heroes.

Other references can be found from this article. Or from a general search of DozerfleetWiki.

Ferris in Focus references to Heroes

These are works of mine that are not part of my Dozerfleet brand, but which bear some reference or another to Heroes:

  • Ferris in Focus: "X-Men versus Heroes": See page for more.
  • Ferris in Focus: "Meceola Central Dispatch": A shot through a 911 operator's glasses was modeled after HRG's through-the-glasses shots.
  • Ferris in Focus: "Managing Stress": Dan Tulma's "Charlie Chaplin" impersonation is shot from extreme low angles, per suggestion in the Volume Three commentary of Heroes. The ceiling shows up several times in shots, also a reference to Volume Three's commentary.

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