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Ferris in Focus: X-Men versus Heroes
Hosts Nick Dean and Andrika Lyons duke it out

X-Men versus Heroes is the subtitle of a segment called "Versus." In turn, "Versus" is a segment of Ferris in Focus, a weekly magazine-format half-hour show put out by Ferris State University's television department. This segment was created by students in the Advanced Producing and Directing class of spring 2010.


The 2-minute segment features hosts Nick Dean and Andrika Lyons, as they debate which franchise is better than the other. Nick chooses to promote X-Men to the audience, while Andrika, dressed as Sylar, promotes Heroes.

Nick's arguments for X-Men

  • Heroes is "a hack of a show."
  • X-Men came first.
  • X-Men became a motion picture franchise.
  • The X-Men are actual superheroes within their framework; the various leads of Heroes only try to be superheroes.
  • The plot of Heroes is simpler because everything revolves around Sylar in the end.
  • Wolverine has claws; Claire does not.
  • Wolverine isn't as suicidal as Claire; meaning that the temporal paradoxes he deals with are not as much like Groundhog Day as Claire's.
  • Unlike Claire, Wolverine doesn't have to deal with butterfly effects quite as often.
  • My Way Entertainment has never made a Heroes parody.

Nick's concessions

  • X-Men "have no fashion sense," i.e., they wear spandex.
  • Heroes is easier to follow.

Andrika's arguments for Heroes

  • Heroes doesn't require you to know Norse mythology to understand the plot. Argument accompanied by picture of Thor.
  • Heroes has used nearly all the same tropes as X-Men, but in more realistic ways.
  • Characters in Heroes are more believable because they refuse to wear spandex. Argument accompanied by a picture of Jean Grey in spandex.

Andrika's concessions

  • Heroes is more recent.


  • Andrika is dressed in a black jacket and black baseball cap, to look more like Sylar.
  • When Andrika stops time to slice Nick's forehead, the sound effect is identical to that used by Hiro on the show.
  • Nick's forehead is cut in a manner consistent with one of Sylar's victims. In fact, it resembles Hiro's vision of Jackie Wilcox in Pass/Fail.
    • The blood is a mixture of chocolate and strawberry syrup, similar to what was used to create Matt Parkman's nosebleed in Fallout.

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