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Season: Two
Episode number: 202
First aired: October 1, 2007
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: Four Months Later...
Next episode: Kindred
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Story Development

Hartsdale, NY · Bob's office · Port-au-Prince, Haiti · Coatepeque, Guatemala · Nidia's house · Nidia · Series of eight · Caitlin · Electric manipulation · Curandera · Poison emission · Alejandro's ability · McSorley's son · Peter's identity box



Peter is tied up in a chair being beaten by Tuko and Will. Ricky accuses Peter of having stolen the shipment of iPods that they had planned to steal themselves. He tells Peter that if he just tells him where the shipment is that they'll let him go. Peter insists that he didn't take the shipment and doesn't remember how he ended up in the cargo container, but Ricky doesn't believe him. Ricky motions to Tuko who continues to beat Peter.

Sandra cracks an egg into a pot of boiling water but accidentally drops her wedding ring into the water in the process. Claire simply reaches in and pulls the ring out burning her hand in the process. The burns quickly heal and her mother ribs her for being "flashy." Claire dismisses it as insignificant, but her mother expresses concern that someone might eventually catch her. She complains about being forced to "lay low" and explains that trying to be inconspicuous at school actually makes her stand out even more. As her father enters the kitchen, she tells him that he may be able to hide who he is, but that she can't. Noah explains that his job is to keep their family safe no matter what it requires. Claire understands and tells him that it must be difficult to live such a normal life after the life he was living before. Noah tells her that their current life is a nice vacation compared to before. Claire leaves and drives off to school. Sandra picks up a newspaper and shows Noah an article about Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah tells her that he knew this would happen. Sandra presses him for an explanation reminding him that they're not keeping secrets from each other anymore. Noah shows Sandra an old painting from Isaac Mendez depicting Kaito lying in a pool of blood. He tells her that it's part of a series of eight paintings, but that he was only given the first one and needs to find the rest of them.

On the Deveaux rooftop, the NYPD questions Ando about Kaito's death. Detective Fuller and Matt Parkman arrive. Fuller briefs Matt on the crime telling him that Kaito fell from the building to the street below and had within his possession a portion of a photograph of himself with the symbol drawn on top. He informs Matt that Ando was a witness and that he saw Kaito being pushed off the building despite there being only one body found. Fuller continues and tells Matt that the photo had Angela Petrelli's fingerprint on it. Matt points out the obvious and tells the detective that they need to bring her in for questioning. Matt asks Ando if he's seen the symbol before and Ando tells him that it is a kanji meaning "godsend" and that it is the crest of Takezo Kensei. Matt tells Ando he needs to speak with Hiro, and Ando replies that he does as well.

In Otsu, Japan in 1671, Hiro asks around looking for Takezo and finds him drunk. Hiro dunks Takezo's head in a trough and tells him that he needs to go after Yaeko and save her. He explains that before he came back in time Takezo was supposed to be a great warrior and that she would become his princess. Takezo tells Hiro that he looks like a fish when he talks and Hiro dunks his head in the trough again. Hiro laments that he already ruined the past and that if Takezo won't be a hero then he'll have to. He takes Takezo's outfit and rides off.

At school, Claire's science teacher displays a video showing a newt regenerating a new limb. He explains that this is possible thanks to millions of years of mutations. Claire asks if it would be possible for people to be able to regenerate limbs as well. The teacher tells her that there's a lot of research going on concerning stem cells and that the next phase may involve phasing out superfluous body parts such as the appendix, wisdom teeth, and even the pinky toe. Claire tells him that she's read that some people may have already developed a new genetic code already and asks if it's indeed possible. Her teacher tells her that she'd need a degree in genetics to answer those questions. Her classmates all stare at her, but West smiles.

In Hartsdale, NY, Mohinder enters Bob's office. Mohinder tells Bob that he needs access to the Company's records and labs. Bob agrees, but tells him that he's got his first assignment for him already and needs him to fly out to Port-au-Prince to visit a man they suspect may be infected with the virus. Mohinder tells Bob that he'll go and test this individual and bring him back if he was infected. Bob reminds Mohinder that his blood is currently the only cure for the virus and to try not to get killed.

Peter gets a scrub-down from Caitlin.

In Coatepeque, Guatemala, Maya and Alejandro arrive at Nidia's house. She welcomes them in and tells them she still remembers the day they both were born. She tells Maya to rest. Alejandro confirms that Nidia will help them cross the river into Mexico, but explains that they have no money. She tells him not to worry and suggests he go rest up. Maya chastises Alejandro telling him that they shouldn't be putting Nidia in danger by helping them. Maya worries about what will happen if her ability expresses itself again and Alejandro tries to reassure her that he won't let it happen.

A woman enters the room where Peter is being held captive. She questions him about his necklace as she cleans the blood from his face, but he doesn't know where he got it. She asks Peter his name, but he doesn't remember that, either. She introduces herself as Caitlin. She tells Peter that she doesn't know what Ricky is going to do to him, but that the heist they had planned was an important one for a man named McSorley. Peter explains that the first thing he remembers is being found by Ricky and his accomplices and then Tuko being knocked back by a spark. Peter tells her that he thinks the spark came from his hand. As Caitlin finishes cleaning the blood from his face, she notices that despite all the blood she just cleaned away that Peter doesn't have a single scratch on his face.

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Mohinder searches for the man he was sent to find. He enters the man's house and introduces himself in French. He finds the man lying sick in bed and it turns out to be the Haitian. Mohinder explains that it's likely he's got a rare virus and may be able to cure him. The Haitian tells Mohinder that he doesn't want the cure; that God gave him his gift and has now taken it away because he abused it. Mohinder suggests leaving it to God, telling him that in all probability he may have any one of a number of viruses he cannot cure, but that if he has the one particular virus then it may be a sign from God.

Maya wakes up and speaks to a woman that Nidia is also helping to cross into Mexico. Alejandro explains that Maya is sick and that they're seeking help. The woman explains that she's a healer and might be able to help her, but Alejandro tells her that they're headed to America to meet with a real doctor. The healer takes Maya's hands and claims that Maya's illness is new and that Maya is afraid it will spread. Using a form of telepathy, she becomes aware of the danger of Maya's power and becomes scared telling Maya that her power is enough to "kill the Devil" and that she is "cursed." The healer takes her daughter and leaves telling Nidia that they will not cross with Maya.

Yaeko fights with a number of swordsmen accusing them of not being worthy of the title Samurai. The leader tells Yaeko that he needs her father, but doesn't need her. Hiro, dressed as Takezo Kensei, calls out to the men demanding that they leave Yaeko alone. The leader asks Hiro how he can boast of his swordsmanship when he doesn't even have a sword. Hiro tells him that he doesn't need a sword because he has all of their swords. He uses his ability to stop time and take all the swords from the men. The men take aim with their bows and Hiro laughs and tells them they shouldn't. Before they can fire, Hiro stops time again and takes their bows and arrows from them. He tells them to leave before he takes their clothes next. The men run off as Hiro suggests they refer to this as "The Battle of Twelve Swords." Yaeko, believing Hiro to be Takezo, thanks him. Hiro asks Yaeko to ride back with him.

Hiro takes on twelve men.

Peter tries to force his way out of the ropes binding him. Ricky leaves instructions for Caitlin to grab the gun if Peter does anything wrong. Ricky leaves and Peter continues to try to break out of the ropes. Eventually he manages to concentrate and phase his hands through the ropes freeing himself. He searches for a way out of the back room where he's being held when two men enter the pub. Caitlin tells them that Ricky just left, but they tell her they're not here for Ricky. Caitlin grabs the gun and pulls it on one of the men, but he forces the gun out of her hand and tries to attack her. Peter comes out and electrocutes the man sending him to the ground. The other man cocks a rifle and points it at Peter. Peter uses telekinesis to knock the rifle out of his hand. The man punches Peter in the face, but Peter punches him back and, using enhanced strength, causes him to fly across the room. Caitlin stares at Peter in disbelief.

At school, West comments on Claire's interest in lizards. He tells her that he thinks it's cool that she's into genetics because he is too. She tries to dismiss it, but West tells her that she doesn't have to hide everything interesting about her. He tells her biology is their destiny and that genes change. He tells her about a book that he found by an "Indian guy" that talks about the same things that Claire was talking about. Claire tries to avoid discussing it, but West offers to bring the book over to her. She tells him she's not really interested in genetics and says that she needs to get home. She walks to the parking lot and finds her car missing.

Hiro and Yaeko dismount from the horse and Yaeko apologizes to Hiro for thinking that Takezo had just left with their money. He promises to rescue Yaeko's father. Yaeko praises his honor and bravery. They enter a clearing surrounded by cherry blossoms and talk about their beauty. Yaeko asks Hiro to take off his mask, but Hiro tells her that she disarms him and that he shouldn't. He tells her that his love for her will be legendary. After stopping time and taking off his mask, Hiro disappears.

Mohinder tells the Haitian that his cure is working on him so he does indeed have the virus. The Haitian tells him that he prayed the cure would not work, and Mohinder replies that if he were to pray it would be for the same thing because of the danger of this virus becoming so widespread. The Haitian questions Mohinder about whether he believes that it was God that sent him to cure him. Mohinder explains that he has trouble believing in a god that would allow such a disease to exist. He tells the Haitian that the people he works for will want him to bring him in. The Haitian becomes suspicious and asks Mohinder about the people he works for. When Mohinder explains that he works for "a company", the Haitian remarks that there's always "a company." Suddenly, the Haitian is gone and Bob is standing in front of Mohinder's desk asking him where the Haitian is. Mohinder expresses confusion and suggests that he's in Haiti. Bob explains that they're in Haiti right now and that Mohinder has been out of contact for hours. Confused, Mohinder explains the last thing he remembers is being in Bob's office and being given an envelope. Bob explains that the Haitian wouldn't have been able to erase Mohinder's memory unless the vaccine had worked.

Maya, Alejandro, and Nidia approach the Mexican border. Nidia opens a tube that runs beneath the river and Maya follows. Before Alejandro can follow the police arrive. Maya and Nidia crawl through the tube leaving Alejandro still hiding in the bushes. Nidia tries to convince Maya to keep going, but Maya's ability begins to manifest again, causing Nidia to fall to the ground choking. Maya calls for Alejandro and waits by Nidia. Alejandro arrives and takes Maya's hand. As he sings to her, Alejandro's ability begins to manifest, causing the liquid coming from her eyes to disappear and appear momentarily in Alejandro's eyes before dissipating. The liquid also disappears from Nidia's eyes and she gets up. Nidia tells them that the healer was right and that they're both evil before crossing back under the river through the tube.

Maya's ability begins to take effect.

Claire visits her father at Copy Kingdom. Claire tells him not to freak out, but her car was stolen. She tells him that if he ever gets her another car that she'll never leave it unlocked. He takes the opportunity to tell her that he needs to be able to trust her and that she can't afford to make mistakes like this or else she'll be found. She tells him that she doesn't even know exactly how she's able to do what she can do and what the limits of her ability are, wondering for instance what would happen if she cut off her whole arm. She tells him that she may be missing an opportunity to help people. He tells her that he's protecting her because if someone gets a hold of her she'll be in for a life of agonizing tests and research.

Matt and Detective Fuller interview Angela Petrelli. Matt points out that she and Kaito had a fight the previous day. Angela explains that they had been long friends and that sometimes people can come to the wrong conclusions. Fuller states that Angela is a major stockholder in Yamagato Industries, which has been doing poorly recently. Matt tells Angela that common motives for murder include money and sex. Angela tells them that she doesn't need the money and hadn't slept with him in a long time. Matt asks her about the symbol on the picture fragment found on Kaito and she explains that it was the logo of her husband's law firm. He asks why it was drawn over his face and she replies that she doesn't know. Matt hears her thoughts, however, and finds out that someone is seeking revenge for something terrible they did. Matt asks her whether anyone would want revenge on him and Angela instantly asks for a lawyer. Matt asks again who wants revenge and Matt hears Angela's thoughts as she screams for Matt to get out of her head.

Matt meets Nathan, who is at the station to pick up his mother. Nathan tells Matt that she's not going to want to see him, but that she called him because she doesn't have anyone else to turn to. Angela starts screaming as she's attacked by an unknown assailant. Unable to open the door to the interrogation room, he breaks through the glass in the adjacent room. Nathan holds her as Matt asks who did this. Matt finds Angela holding another picture fragment of her with the symbol also drawn across her face.

Ricky returns and complains to Peter that the man he punches across the room was McSorley's son and that he just made the situation worse. Peter retorts that he'll just leave him alone with Caitlin next time instead. Ricky pulls a gun on Peter and tells him that he's turned a simple problem into a blood feud. Ricky tells Peter that he's going to help him with a new heist so they can pay him enough money that he'll leave them alone. When Ricky remarks on how well he handled the two men earlier, Peter asks Ricky how he knows he won't just do the same to him and leave. Ricky shows Peter a box containing all of the possessions he had with him when they found him and tells him his name is Peter. Ricky threatens to burn the box unless Peter helps him with the heist.

Ricky makes an offer Peter can't refuse...or else.

Hiro looks for Takezo, who is angry that Hiro stole his armor. Hiro explains that he needed to use it to save Yaeko and to make people think that Takezo was a hero. Hiro explains that "Kensei" disarmed 11 men and rescued a beautiful woman. Takezo is skeptical, but Yaeko enters and thanks Takezo, telling him that he forgot his sword. She tells him that they must go rescue her father now. Takezo tells Hiro that apparently listening to him will earn him more reward and asks him to make him a hero. They exit and are confronted by the men from earlier. The men shoot Takezo with three arrows and leave with Yaeko. Hiro pulls an arrow from Takezo and soon notices that the wound heals itself.

In Mohinder's apartment, Matt and Molly are asleep. Mohinder gets a call from Noah and Noah asks if Mohinder's trip was productive. Mohinder replies that he'll have the answer very shortly. Mohinder explains that it doesn't appear he's raised any suspicion and that Bob seemed more disappointed in himself for having trusted Mohinder so completely, however that they're going to watch him more closely from now on. Noah tells him that he'll find the rest of the paintings himself now and that Mohinder's given him just what he needs. Noah greets a customer, the Haitian, welcoming him to Copy Kingdom.

At home, Mr. Muggles watches a dog show on TV with Claire before her mother tells her to turn it off. Mr. Muggles gets upset so Claire turns the show back on. As she reads about limb regeneration, she glances at her toes. She takes a pair of scissors and cuts off her pinky toe. After a short time the toe grows back. Mr. Muggles starts barking and Claire realizes West was watching her from outside the window. She runs outside to catch him, but she doesn't see him. Claire goes outside to the driveway, and Mr. Muggles continues barking up at the sky. A copy of Activating Evolution is left on the ground.

Memorable Quotes

"Compared to the life I had, normal's a pretty nice vacation."

- Noah Bennet

"You look like a fish when you talk."

- Kensei, (to Hiro)

"Ando's never going to believe this one! Ya hoo!"

- Hiro

"I wasn't sleeping with him. Not for a long time."

- Angela Petrelli

"You can make me the hero she sees in me?"

"As long as you stop drinking."

"No promises."

"I can work with that."

- Kensei, Hiro

"Where is he? Where is the Haitian?!"

"The Haitian?... Isn't he in Haiti?"

"We are in Haiti!"

- Bob, Mohinder

Character Appearances


  • This is David Anders's first episode as a main character. He was a credited as a guest star in Four Months Later....
  • French was displayed in yellow subtitles, similar to Spanish. French was not displayed in subtitles during Parasite.
  • In both the first two episodes of season two, Peter is shown wearing a necklace identical to the Haitian's necklace. In this episode, the Haitian is shown for the first time in this season, not wearing his necklace. In Four Months Ago its confirmed that Peter's necklace is in fact the Haitian's.
  • Hiro says "Muda Muda Muda Muda" ("muda" meaning "it's useless"). This is the catchphrase of Dio Brando, the main antagonist from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who also has the ability to stop time.
  • The graphic novel The Crossroads repeats the scene in which Mohinder meets the Haitian in Haiti, while simultaneously shedding light on the nature of their meeting.
  • Kensei visits Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress to obtain the Fire Scroll. These events are mythologized in the online documentary Sword Saint.

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