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This is my ability entry to the Untold Tales competition

Delusional poisoning
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Mikhail inserted a poison to cause delusions.
Held by: Mikhail Nolan
Ability to: insert a black poison into a person, causing delusions of fear and/or paranoia

Delusional poisoning is the ability to insert a black poison into a person, causing delusions of fear and/or paranoia.



The user of this ability is able to insert a black poison with their hands, often through their fingertips, into a person to cause them to feel fear and/ or paranoia. When the poison is inserted, you see the black poison on the skin moving and spreading for a short time, but then fades away into the bloodstream, looking like nothing has happened.

The most simplest actions, such as two people talking, could make the victim feel he is being talked about, betrayed and make him attack in anger of those feelings.

Fear can be struck within the victim as well. For example, the star on the wresting team could get so afraid of their opponent they could yell and cower.

When the black poison is inserted, the ability doesn't activate in instantly. The victim might never even feel these effects. The user has to willingly activate it to cause the feelings. The user can inject multiple people at a time. When the user does activate his power, for one person, it doesn't effect the other victims.

After a few days of the paranoia, the victims becomes sick. Their skin becomes pale, sniffles, coughs, and water and slightly bloodshot eyes. It is unknown if the feelings go away after a specific period of time, but the user is able to take out the poison, and merely deactivate it, until they want to re-activate it.

Selected Examples


  • The user can create the fears or paranoid delusions the victims experiences, which Mikhail often does. But when the user merely activates it, and does not think about what they want them to see, the victim can see the first frightening thought that comes to the top of their head.
  • This ability is like having bad dreams come true. Though it is not actually happening, the victims believe it is. If the user wanted them to think they were choking, they would act as if they were choking. Because of this, the victim could die. If they think they are dying long enough, and in their "nightmare" they do die, the brain will shut down and they will actually be dead. For the victim to die, it would need to take about five days. However Mikhail has never kept his ability going longer than two days.
  • Mikhail often concentrates on using paranoia, as he finds it more fun.

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