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Del Spooner
Portrayed by Will Smith
In-story stats
Known ability Machine Mimicry
Nickname Spoon
Age Mid thirties
Home Chicago, IL
Occupation Detective
Significant other Formerly Marci
Grandparent GG

Del Spooner is a cop who is an evolved human due to the formula.

Character History

Del was just an ordinary cop, living a normal life. But the day he was in a car accident changed his life forever. During the accident his car was hit by a truck, with a drunk driver behind the wheel, and went into a river. Not only did his car go in, but another, with a young girl and her father. With her father dead immediately, she tries to free herself by trying to break the window of the sinking car. But all hope is lost for her, as tons of water enters her car and she drowns. Spooner, wanted to save her with all his might, even if it cost him his own life. But an evolved human who came in after him, was ordered by Spooner to save the girl, save him instead.

Spooner was injured horribly bad. His lungs were overloading with water, glass piercing his entire body, losing an arm and almost cutting off other limbs. When the evolved human, saved him, he was rushed to the hospital immediately. He was just about dead, when Dr. Alfred Lanning came and took him to a special facility to help him. they injected him with a formula, which healed him within a day. His lost arm had grown back, just as it was before the accident. Dr. Lanning's employer walked in his room and greeted himself as Arthur Petrelli.

He told Del that he was injected with a serum that saved his life, and din't want anything in return. Though when Del got home, and was cooking, hot oil splashed on him and the burns healed right before his eyes. As soon as that happened he rushed to the door to go back and speak with Arthur, and had crushed the door knob. He broke through the door, and ran to the car. Once he got there, he demanded what he was injected with. When Arthur explained he couldn't believe it. Spoon, didn't like what they were doing was doing his best to try and shut them down, without blowing his secret. But he couldn't, without a thorough reason and gave up on the project.

He started to used these "gifts from the devil", to just be a good cop. But he never forgot about that one girl who died in that river, because the evolved human wouldn't listen. He tried tracking them down, believing that everyone like that one man, were all the same. His trust on them, are very, very low. That death of the girl changed him, forever.

Evolved Human Abilities

Because of a formula that saved his life, he gained additional abilities. He acquired the ability to possess great strength, and to heal from any wound. He uses these abilities to be a good cop, but also to track down evolved humans and question them, and possibly later to be locked up. Spooner can use his strength to jump high. If on a roof of a skyscraper, he is able to leap from one roof to another without a big running start.



  • Converse shoes
  • Audi R8 (Destroyed by evolved humans)


  • Pistol
  • Machine gun

Memorable Quotes

"How much longer is this going to take?"

"Erh, about six minutes."

"What if we didn't have six minutes?"

"We'd have to fgure out a way to climb down thirty stories and inject the nanites directly into her brain. Why?"

"Because I seriously doubt that we have six minutes."

(Pan to reveal hundreds of evolved humans scaling the building overhead)

- Det. Del Spooner, Dr. Calvin


  • Del drives an "Audi R8"


  • This character is based on the movie I, Robot.

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