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Nicholas Angel
Nicholas Angel.jpg
Portrayed by Simon Pegg
In-story stats
Aliases Tim Bisley,
Dr. Russel Fell
Nickname Sergeant
Age 39
Date of birth 14 February 1970
Place of birth London
Home Sandford, England
Occupation Policeman-officer
Significant other Formerly Jeanine

Nicholas Angel is A policeman officer who lives in London.

Character History

Hot Fuzz

Sgt. Nicholas Angel was the best officer in the police force, wait, no...service in London. He was magnificent in all the training and a pro out in the city streets. He went through gun fights, high speed chases, and was even stabbed at the mall by a man dressed, as Father Christmas. His hand was a bit stiff. He was transferred to Sandford, a small village in the country. This was because he was doing too good of a job in London, making everyone else look bad. Sandford was known to be the winner of the best village award every year. Once Nicholas moved, it was tough for him to adjust there after leaving the city, where there are problems around every corner. His first exciting assignment was to chase down a swan, owned by a Mr. PI Staker. Over the next couple of days, he did make a friend. Danny Butterman, whose father was the chief of police. When going through questioning by a curious and inspired Danny, of Nicholas's missions at London, it was revealed that he really hasn't done much. Apparently he has never even fired his gun in the air and yelled 'Aaaaaah'.

There has only been one murder at Sandford, which was twenty years ago. This causes Nicholas to be suspicious of why the accident rate is so high. But lately there has been an unknown cloaked killer out in Sandford, that nobody knows about. However, nobody believed Nicholas that there has been murders going around. Since he moved there, he has tried solving the crimes of four people that have been killed. But he is having trouble proving this, for the killer frames the crime scenes to look like accidents. But still, no one was on Nicholas's side. Everyone told him he was going nuts and to just sleep on it.

But later one night, the cloaked killer came to "take out" Nicholas. It was the local supermarket owner, Mr. Skinner's employee, Michael. Michael is a man with the mind of a child, but with the strength of a gorilla. Nicholas had some difficulties taking him down. But he found a way by distracting him with a cuddly monkey, hit him with a pot, and quoted "Play time's over". When impersonating him on a walkie talkie, he found out where to find Skinner. He went to a castle only to find the entire Neighborhood Watch Association wearing the dark cloaks Michael was wearing. They told Nicholas that everyone was responsible for the murders.

It was even revealed that Danny's father, the chief of police was in on this too, because of his wife. She had killed herself because the village didn't win one year. He wanted to improve the village for her sake. It was now out in the open that they decapitated a man and his girlfriend for his bad acting and her horrible laugh, making it look like a car accident. They blew up a man in his home, because it was an ugly mansion, covering their tracks with the judicial application of bacon and beans. They killed a reporter for his constant mistakes in his typing, dropping one of the six smaller steeples of a church on his head. They stabbed a flouriest, cousin of Mr. Skinner, because she was going to move away, and they didn't want her sorting flowers for anyone else. They made it look like she slipped and fell on her own shears. Everyone in the village, except for the police knew of the crimes. When aware of this, Nicholas and Danny brought the noise, rounding up all the policemen, and woman, to stop the village. They eventually arrested everyone, and finally caught the swan.


HF kick.gif

Memorable Quotes

"Play time's over."

"Is Sgt. Angel taken car of?"


"He won't be getting back up?"

[Hesitating] "...Narp?"


- Mr. Skinner (Talking through a walkie talkie), Nicholas Angel

[As he is armed with guns, the angry village looks at him]



  • This is based on the movie "Hot Fuzz"


  • Danny Butterman is played by Nick Frost.
  • Put together Mr. PI Staker's name.

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