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Pinehearst Corporation
Pinehearst corps.jpg
The unfinished Pinehearst offices and research labs.
Purpose: Offices and Research

The Pinehearst Corporation building was going to be used for the production aspects of the company. However there were going to be many labs within the building.

Notable Visitors


The Pinehearst Corps building was under construction when Perry was still working. This was infact the building Perry was working on when his ability manifested. He saw a man planting explosives. When taken to a medical facility for others thinking he was insane, he saw that this building did blow up a few days later. A couple of months went by and the building was built to what it was when it exploded the first time.


When looking for Jimmy Wright, John and Reyes hear he has entered the Pinehearst Corps building. Jimmy was there to blow up the building again so the formula would not be made there in the labs. However the two Company agents did not succeed as the building blew. Wright and Dolan are know to have survived. It is unknown the fate of Reyes.

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