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Bone spike protrusion
Spike Protrusion Picture.JPG
After becoming enraged, spikes protrude from Perrin.
Originally held by: Perrin Crocker (deceased), Jason Welkes (deceased)
Absorbed by: Linda Tavara (deceased),
Millie Houston
Ability to: Produce bone spikes that protrude outward, and metallize the bone spikes

Bone spike protrusion is the ability to produce bone spikes that protrude outward and metallize the bone spikes.



Perrin Crocker

He is capable of creating a mass of bone spikes that appear to protrude from his body. His ability is affected by his emotions, easy to be out of control. Also, he is not capable of metallize his bone spikes, and he needs to suffer a great pain while the bone spikes protrude outward.

Millie Houston

She seems to have a great control and development of her ability. She won't feel pain while the spike comes out, and she could metallize her bone spike. But she could only protrude the bone spike from her fingers.


Memorable Quotes

"I suddenly realize what killed my wife. And because of it, I deserve to die."

- Perrin Crocker (Under the Bridge, Part 1)

"Umm... I think this ability is look like Terminator."

- Millie Houston (After she murdered the assassin whom she hired to killed "Nathan")