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Ando Masahashi
Future Ando.jpg
Portrayed by James Kyson Lee
First appearance The Right Choice
In-story stats
Known ability Red lightning
Nickname Sidekick
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Date of death September 5, 2011
Occupation resigned Agent of the Pinehearst Company
Significant other Kimiko Nakamura (lover)

Ando Masahashi was a version of Ando Masahashi in The World Entire universe. He was a Synthetic Special and a resigned agent of the Pinehearst Company.

Character History

Ando's actions in The World Entire include those seen by Hiro when he time-travels to the future, as seen in The Second Coming.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Ando, as an agent of Pinehearst, invades Yamagato Industries, breaking into the office of the CEO, Kimiko Nakamura, who is nonplussed with his flashy arrival. He interrogates her to find the location of Hiro, but his task is made difficult by Kimiko's ability. Ando resists but admits he's only after Hiro for the Formula and means him former best friend no harm. Content that Ando will not hurt her brother, Kimiko once again propositions Ando, and they make love.

Hiro arrives later to retrieve the other half of the Formula for Peter Petrelli, but Ando is waiting for him. After opening the safe, Ando fires a warning shot red lightning, but Hiro teleports away, though only outside to the raised walkway of Yamagato Square. Ando tracks him outside and they face off. Ando, still hazy from Kimiko's pheromones, accidentally electrifie Hiro, but possibly does not kill him. Unfortunately, an earthquake occurs, and Ando takes cover under a large tree, but find's Hiro's dead body amongst the rubble. Furious, he lashes out, but makes his escape.

Back at Pinehearst Headquarters, Ando gives Arthur Hiro's half of the Formula. He resigns immediately, as the errand cost Hiro his life. Arthur reminds Ando that his employment is not voluntary and Ando threatens him with red lightning. Arthur takes hold of Ando's crackling hands, which burn but heal instantly, and absorbs his power, then uses it against him, and snaps his neck, killing him. Arthur then tasks Flint Gordon with the cleanup of Ando's body, which he performs by burning it where it lay.

In 2008, in Cádiz, Spain, Hiro and Ando are trying to sabotage of shipment of Evolution shots, but Hiro is knocked out by a warehouse guard. Before they can attack Ando, however, Daphne Millbrook defeats them all in super speed. When she realizes that the pair is there to stop the shipment, she turns on Ando, but he quickly takes her weapon. Impressed by Ando's quick thinking, she instead offers him a job with Pinehearst. Ando replies that Pinehearst only employs Specials and he is ordinary. Daphne picks up one of the Evolution shot and reminds him that Pinehearst has "a cure for ordinary." Ando valiantly refuses, but Daphne reminds him that Pinehearst is not the enemy, but rather a force for good, making real, positive change in the world, while Hiro is a idealistic vigilante. After she flees and when Hiro rouses and does nothing to contradict her points, Ando explains to Hiro that he might have to follow his own path in the future. When Hiro is not looking, he pockets the Pinehearst card.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ando has the ability to generate and manipulate arcs of red electricity. Ando uses his ability frequently, both offensively and for visual effect. He does not, however, ever use it to supercharge abilities like the fully realized form of the ability.


"Hiro, you know when Robin became Nightwing?"
"Of course! He had to move out of Batman’s shadow. Become his own hero."
"Hiro, I think someday soon I will have to become Nightwing."

- Ando and Hiro discuss a hero's journey.



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