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Daphne Parkman
Matt's baby momma.jpg
Portrayed by Brea Grant
First appearance The Face in My Mind
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced speed
Formal name Daphne Millbrook Parkman
Alias Daphne Millbrook
Age 50 (2029),
32 (2011)
Date of birth November 9, 1978
Place of birth Lawrence, KS
Home Penthouse Suite of the Deveaux Building,
formerly a single-family apartment in Brooklyn
Residences Manhattan, NY,
formerly Brooklyn, NY,
formerly Paris, France
Occupations Agent of Primatech Hartsdale (retired),
Agent of Pinehearst Company (former),
Thief (former)
Significant other Matt Parkman (husband)
Parents Mr. Millbrook,
Mrs. Millbrook (deceased)
Grandparent Daniella
Children Molly Walker (adopted),
Daniella Parkman
Other relatives Matthew McHenry (step-son)

Daphne Parkman, née Daphne Millbrook, is a version of Exposed Future Daphne Millbrook in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and an agent of the Company, formerly an agent of Pinehearst.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclsym

Daphne arrives at her apartment, dying of a radiation burn from the Costa Verde Disaster. Matt tries to save her using regenerator blood. It saves her life, but leaves her in a coma. Later, President Nathan Petrelli offers Matt her job, promising to provide her with the best of care. Matt accepts and Daphne is fed constant regenerator blood.

After Matt betrays Pinehearst, Daphne and Daniella go missing. Arthur Petrelli tells Matt that they've moved her to another facility, but Matt detects his deception and believes that they are using her as leverage. In reality, the blood completely healed her and she was able to escape. She appeared at Mohinder's lab and after a face-off with Peter, she joined their rogue movement and aided in the final steps of creating the Antidote, and as such is partially responsible for the Epidemic. To make up for her crimes, she gladly joins the Company as an agent.

Volume Two: Progeny

Daphne attends Bess Detskij's promotion ceremony and reception. She and Matt are still happily married, and are friends with fellow married couple Mohinder and Barbara.

By 2029, Daphne has apparently retired from the Company, but remains married to Matt. She is close with her daughters Molly and Daniella and her stepson Matthew.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daphne has the ability to run at speeds many times faster than a normal human. She is nearly capable of outrunning a nuclear explosion. When running from Peter Petrelli, the two of them were able to traverse most of North and South America within fifteen seconds, stopping briefly to chat a few times.

Memorable Quotes

"I wasn't fast enough."

-Daphne (to Matt) (I Am Become Death)

"I healed fine because of your blood. I bet genetically we’re first cousins now."

-Daphne (The Moments to Come)


  • Daphne appears to have taken her husband's last name, though she retains her maiden name professionally.


  • Unlike both the present and Exposed Future versions of Daphne, she had yet to die in The World Entire.

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