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Arthur Petrelli
Portrayed by Robert Forster
First appearance Second Chances
In-story stats
Known ability Power absorption
Formal name Arthur Petrelli
Age 66
Date of birth May 4, 1942
Home Fort Lee, NJ
Occupation Director of The Pinehearst Company
Significant other Angela Petrelli (estranged)
Children Nathan Petrelli,
Gabriel Gray,
Peter Petrelli
Grandchildren Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Andrew Petrelli,
Noah Gray,
Hannah Petrelli
Other relatives Daughters-in-law:
Tracy Petrelli,
Elle Gray

Arthur Petrelli is a version of Arthur Petrelli in The World Entire universe. He is a Special and a the Director The Pinehearst Company.

Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Arthur has the ability to steal abilities from other Specials. When he was younger, he showed the inability to completely remove abilities. He also stated that his ability allowed him to steal non-extrahuman abilities from humans, notably the legal training from opposing lawyers.

Acquired Abilities

The abilities that Arthur had acquired and demonstrated are:




See Also

For the canon representation of Arthur in the present, see Arthur Petrelli.

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