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Nathan Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli (exposed future).jpg
Portrayed by Adrian Pasdar,
Lorenzo James Henrie
First appearance The Face in My Mind
In-story stats
Known ability Flight
Formal name Nathan Petrelli
Age 45
Date of birth November 8, 1967
Place of birth Manhattan, New York
Date of death December 22, 2012
Home Washington, D.C.
Residence The White House
President of the United States,
Lawyer (former)
Significant others Tracy Petrelli (wife),
Heidi Petrelli (ex-wife),
Meredith Gordon (ex-girlfriend)
Parents Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Children Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Andrew Petrelli
Siblings Gabriel Gray,
Peter Petrelli
Other relatives Niece:
Peter's daughter
Noah Gray
Elle Gray

President Nathan Petrelli was a version of Nathan Petrelli in The World Entire universe. He was a Special, a former lawyer, and President of the United States of America. He died when the Odessa Disaster took down Air Force One.

Character History

My Firefly

Nathan does not appear and is not mentioned in My Firefly.

Volume One: Cataclysm

After Peter Petrelli slices his head open, Nathan is saved when Claire orders a super-strong Secret Service Agent to break down the door and she injects him with enough of her blood to revive him (The Blood Between Us). He travels to Brooklyn to convince Matt Parkman to take his wife's job at Pinehearst, which Matt agrees after some negotiation (Second Chances).

Nathan, while reviewing Special registration legislation, is visited by Barbara Zimmerman, his sister-in-law, posing as his wife. Nathan immediately sees through the ruse, and Barbara uses her ability to annoy him. He is able to mentally block it, causing her to feel the effects, which angers her (The First Domino). The next day, Nathan and Tracy spend time at the pool with their son, who is capable of amazing underwater feats. Marty interrupts him to show him a a video simulation from the U.S. Geological Society showing that the Broken Earth Cataclysm is not only possible but currently being set into motion by the Costa Verde Disaster, the Yamagato Square earthquake, among other Synthetic-induced disasters. Nathan demands a press conference (Who We Are).

Several days later, Nathan is shown the first squadron of the The Powered Legion by Col. Kendrick. Impressed, he sends them on their first mission (An Irresistible Force). Nathan meets with his father and discovers that Arthur has wrenched away control of the the Powered Legion from Nathan and has injected 109 marines to act as his own personal army; Nathan cuts ties with Arthur and Pinehearst (The Tongue of Deceit). Later, Nathan expresses regret to Tracy that he let his father take advantage of him, telling her his fears that Arthur may be trying to create an all-Special world by dubious means (Returning Ghosts). The next day, Nathan worriedly watches a news broadcast of the actions of the Powered Legion, who have captured many supposedly dangerous Synthetics from around the world, causing a lot of damage, including the descent of the moon (Beckoning Titans). He later speaks cryptically to Agent Renfrass about a pile of red folders, dossiers on Synthetic inmates in Titanhold, a prison for Specials (The Moment of Conflict).

Nathan, with his father disabled, retakes control over the Powered Legion from Gen. Pradasa, one of Arthur's stooges (The Truth of the Moment). His effects are for naught, though, when the Ability Loss Epidemic occurs the next day. Though Nathan loses his abilities, they are quickly returned by Peter. That evening, Nathan makes a speech to the nation, both to remember September 11 and to commiserate the tragedy that has occurred exactly ten years later; he keeps the fact that a select few have had their abilities returned. A week passes, and Angela resigns from the directorship of The Company, leaving Nathan as its figurehead Director. Since he is still President, the job of Acting Director falls to Angela's new Regional Director of Hartsdale, Meredith Gordon, with Tracy appointing herself the liaison between the Presidency and the Company, which Nathan is secretly moving under government control using funds from the now-defunct Department of Special Human Affairs. While he is using some of Peter's former terrorist comrades as scapegoats for the Epidemic, he has assigned Peter, Mohinder, and Matt lifetime jobs with the new Company.

In a flashback to 1983, a 14-year-old Nathan is on a private jet with his father to receive the final dose of the Formula by Dr. Zimmerman. Arthur ponders Nathan's love of flying (Who We Are).

Volume Two: Progeny

Nathan is on Air Force One, on route to Odessa, TX, to be present at the birth of his niece. After a conference call with the Regional Directors of the Company, his plane is hit by turbulence, which turns out to be the shock wave of the Odessa Disaster. Nathan's Secret Service entourage attempt to get him into an escape pod, but he refuses, instead asking for Mohinder Suresh, who he asks to rip open a hole in the hull. Nathan flies his wife and son to the ground below, and returns to the plane, but it explodes shortly after he reenters, killing him and all the other passengers.

Evolved Human Abilities

Nathan had the ability of self-propelled flight. Because of his highly visible job, he did not frequently use it, though he did use it twice, once to intimidate Gen. Pradasa and again to test if his abilities had returned.



  • Nathan joined the Navy because, as a child, he loved the story of Peter Pan, and he wanted to fight pirates. Nathan would eventually inherit powers similar to the character, and have a brother with the same name.

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