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Andrew Petrelli
Portrayed by Michael Trevino (20),
Henry Benjamin Robinson (2-3)
First appearance Who We Are
In-story stats
Known ability Aquatic adaption
Nicknames Andy,
Inauguration Present
Age 20 (2029),
2 (2011)
Date of birth January 2, 2009
Place of birth Washington, DC
Home New York, NY
Washington, DC (former)
Residences Petrelli mansion,
The White House (former)
Occupation Agent of Primatech Hartsdale
Parents Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Tracy Petrelli
Grandparents Paternal grandparents:
Arthur Petrelli,
Angela Petrelli
Maternal grandparents:
Senator Strauss
Siblings Claire Bennet (half-sister),
Simon Petrelli (half-brother),
Monty Petrelli (half-brother)
Other relatives Uncles:
Gabriel Gray,
Peter Petrelli
Mohinder Suresh
Elle Gray
Barbara Zimmerman
Noah Gray,
Hannah Petrelli

Andrew Petrelli is a character in The World Entire universe. He is a Special and the son of Nathan and Tracy Petrelli.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Andrew was born two months after his father was elected President, so his mother called him Nathan's "inauguration present." He grew up in the White House and frequently swan in the White House pool, something he was uniquely adapted to. One such day while he was swimming, he worried his mother after spending more than twenty minutes underwater. He soon lost his ability during the worldwide ability epidemic, which caused him much grief as he was swimming at the time. His power was later returned to him by his uncle.

He was present with his parents when his grandmother passed directorship of the Company to Nathan.

Volume Two: Progeny

Andrew rides in a plane alongside his mother, father and Mohinder Suresh. Odessa, TX then explodes and Andrew is evacuated from the plane. Nathan flies Andrew and his mother down to Midland, TX and returns to the plane. Andrew watches on as his father dies after the plane explodes.

By 2029, Andrew is an accomplished Company agent at Hartsdale, NY. One day, he wonders the halls of Primatech and is hugged by Daniella Parkman. Andrew later enters Micah Sanders' office where his partner, Will Pine is waiting. Micah hands them the assignment of bringing in Gordon Hovey. On the way, Andrew notices Hannah, his cousin, in the back seat. He agrees to let her tag along on the grounds she doesn't get herself hurt. Confronting Gordon, Hannah eventually stops him and asks Andrew to keep the incident from her dad. Andrew agrees to this.

He later visits Daniella for a therapy session. Daniella asks him about his dad, mum and childhood but Andrew does not answer any question as he wishes to know more about Daniella. He claims that her vibes don't affect him anymore and he wishes to talk about her. Daniella refuses and Andrew leaves, telling her that she knows the reason he comes to her every session. Daniella later tells Mila Hererra that Andrew wants sex.

Evolved Human Abilities

Andrew has the ability to breath underwater and swim at superhuman speeds. He lost it and had it returned synthetically by Peter.


"You don't vibe me anymore."

- Andrew to Daniella Parkman.


  • As a small child, Andrew was played by Henry Benjamin Robinson, the son of Dixie Chicks member Emily Robinson, bandmate of Natalie Maines, who is the wife of Adrian Pasdar, who played Andrew's father, Nathan Petrelli.

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