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Mila Herrera
Mila Herrera Portrait.jpg
Portrayed by Jessica Lucas
First appearance The Moments to Come
In-story stats
Known ability Light manipulation
Formal name Milagros Shanti Herrera
Age 21 (2029),
3 (2011)
Date of birth December 18, 2007
Place of birth Denville, NJ
Home Montville, NJ
Residence Herreras' apartment
Occupation Teacher's aide
Parents Mohinder Suresh,
Maya Herrera
Grandparents Paternal grandparents:
Chandra Suresh (deceased),
Anjali Suresh
Other relatives Uncle:
Alejandro Herrera (deceased)
Shanti Suresh (deceased)
Barbara Zimmerman

Milagros "Mila" Herrera is a Special and the daughter of Mohinder Suresh and Maya Herrera.

Character History

Volume One:Cataclysm

Maya comes to Primatech Hartsdale and meets with Mohinder. Mohinder asks if her ability returned and Maya confirms, stating it reappeared while she was yelling at Mila. Mohinder asks who Mila is and Maya reveals she is her daughter.

Volume Two:Progeny

In 2026, Mila visits Primatech Hartsdale for a medical checkup. She visits her father and demonstrates her ability by creating a visual illusion of her mother.

Mila soon meets her long dead aunty, Shanti Suresh and recognizes her as the mirror image of her childhood imaginary friend. Mila later chats to Daniella Parkman about the her desire to be a teacher and the feelings of true love. Mila attempts to explain this to the confused Dani, stating that actual love makes you feel jealous and angry whenever you are not with that certain person. She explains in depth to Dani, who does not fully understand.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mila has the ability to create and manipulate visible light. She has extremely high control over his ability, capable of increasing and decreasing the ambient light in a room as well as creating visual illusions.


"Chica, you have omniamory."

- Mila to Daniella Parkman.


  • Mila is of Dominican and Indian descent. Jessica Lucas, the actress portraying her, is of Haitian, French, and Pakistani descent. About her casting, Christopher VanDrey remarked, "We never believed we'd be able to find a Dominican/Indian actress, but we would settle for a Latina actress who was dark enough. With Jessica, we used the logic 'Haiti's right next to the Dominican Republic and Pakistan is right next to India, so it all works out.' I'm sure that's flawed reasoning, but we've been very impressed with her."


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