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Maya Herrera
Maya Herrera (The World Entire).jpg
Portrayed by Dania Ramirez
First appearance Moments To Come
In-story stats
Known abilities Poison emission (lost, restored, removed)
Home New York, NY
Significant others formerly Mohinder Suresh,
formerly Gabriel Gray
Child Mila Herrera
Sibling Alejandro Herrera (deceased)

Maya Herrera is a version of Maya Herrera in The World Entire series. She is a Special.

Character History

Volume One:Cataclysm

After the world's abilities are removed, Peter Petrelli later restores Maya's poisonous abilities. Maya rediscovers her power while yelling at Mila, her daughter. Maya then goes to see Mohinder Suresh at The Company and reveals the existence of Mila. When Mohinder seems uninterested, Maya refrains from telling him more.

It is then assumed that Maya had her ability once again removed by Peter.

Volume Two:Progeny

Mila visits Mohinder and demonstrates her ability by generating a visual illusion of Maya. Mohinder later states that Maya told him Mila passed Biology with only a C+ grade.

Evolved Human Abilities

Maya possessed the ability to emit a poison from her body whenever she felt mad, scared or out of control. Arthur Petrelli removed Maya's ability but it was later restored. After rediscovering her ability, Maya once again had it removed, this time by Peter Petrelli.

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