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User:CreedogV/TheWorldEntire/Vertigo induction

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Vertigo induction
Vertigo induction.jpg
Barbara disorients Peter
Originally held by: Barbara Zimmerman
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli,
Hannah Petrelli
Ability to: Produce sensations of vertigo

Vertigo induction is the ability to induce sensations of vertigo, nausea, discomfort and pain in other people.



Barbara Zimmerman

Barbara has demonstrated excellent control over this ability. It is an active ability that she must concentrate to use. She is immune to her own vertigo. The effects are limited to about ten meters and affect all in that radius. Targets feel powerful vertigo and nausea, loss of balance, and hypersensitivity to light and sound. She is immune to her own vertigo, however if the target can mentally block it, it deflects back to her.



“You know, I can make it a lot worse. I can make it so that you don’t even trust gravity. That you’re so nauseated that you pass out from the confusion. I can induce a migraine. Ever little sound is like a drum beat in your ear. Light, is like looking directly into a flood light. Your vision blurs...I've got all day."

- Barbara Zimmerman