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In-story stats
Formal name David
Age 18
Date of birth 23/03/89
Date of death Impending
Home Manchester (England)
Occupation Student
Significant other None
Sibling 2 (2 sisters)

I'm a user on Heroes Wiki.

Favorite Episodes

  • Hiros - For Nathan's Sonic Boom

Favourite Powers

1) Flight: Obvious one really, to transcend the limits of the human body
2) Induced Radioactivity: Just so cool
3) Cryogenesis: Most likely inspired by how hot it is at the moment (summer)

Favorite Quotes

  • "That's right. You're special. You're "Super Hiro"!" (Ando)
  • "You even mention tights and a cape, I'm going home." (Ando)
  • "All right, I get it. A guy in his pajamas. Ha ha. Now we can all stare and have a good laugh or one of you can lend me your cell phone." (Nathan)
  • "What you can do, what I can do — that is God. Respect it accordingly." (The Haitian)
  • "Shoot me!" (Claire)
  • "The son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese." (Matt)
  • "Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!" (Sylar)
  • "Okay... A simple 'no' would have done the trick." (Matt)
  • "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" (Thompson)
    "Your last thought." (Noah)
  • "I challenge everyone in here to inspire by example [...] Lets show them all exactly what we are capable of" (Nathan)
  • "Boom." (Sylar)
  • "I'm not leaving you peter" (Nathan)
  • "I cant let you die" (Peter)
    "And i can't let everyone else" (Nathan)
  • "You saved the cheerleader so we could save the world" (Nathan)


My hobbies are

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Pubcrawls and parties
  • Cage fighting
  • Exercise (weight)
  • Film
  • Video games
  • Music
  • Comics


Heroes Trivia

  • I have never heard of any of the cast or crew members before Heroes except Adrian Pasdar and Ali Larter.
  • My favorite characters are: Nathan (due to his strength and ability to drop everything for the right course of action), Noah Bennet (for shooting Sylar into that fridge so well), and Sylar (for having a soul deep down).
  • My least favourite characters are: Claire (due to the same story all the way through), Peter (due to him thinking himself to be so good) and Simone (simply because shes annoying and i personally find her deeply unattractive).
  • I was sad when Eden and Ted died and was impressed when Isaac died. Simone's death was a beautiful day for me and many of my friends
  • I had to resort to watching Landslide on YouTube.
  • I have begun work writing a comic series made for, and including my friends. It is heavily based on Heroes but tries to explain the powers better especially their evolutionary relevance.

Other Trivia

  • My favorite shows are Heroes, Smallville (although it is going downhill), American Dad and Futurama.
  • I am the third child in my family.
  • My favorite color is Green.