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Ted and Leaving
The company barber strikes again.jpg
Ted befores he tries to leave.

Ted Sprague often has chances to leave - he either fails when he wants to leave, or is forced to leave when he does not.


Nothing to Hide

  • Ted tells Matt and Audrey that he wants to stay with his wife - Matt and Audrey arrest him.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

  • Ted relives his experience of escaping from the FBI van using his ability.
  • Ted tries to leave his cabin - he is stopped by the Company and its army.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2


Company Man

  • Ted follows Noah's thoughts and goes to a bookcase - Noah pulls out a gun, forcing Ted to return.
  • Ted stops Matt's attempt to force Ted to leave the house for Primatech Paper Co..
  • Ted leaves the ground floor, travelling to the upper levels of the house - Claire, Lyle and Sandra try to escape from the house while he is away, forcing him to run back downstairs.
  • Ted gets the evidence and Matt tells him that they can leave - only for Thompson to shoot Ted in the shoulder, causing him to explode.
  • Ted is then imprisoned.


The Hard Part


  • Ted wants to stay with Matt and Noah to stop the Company. Peter and Matt convince him to leave the Company and try and escape the city.
  • Ted exits a store and decides to leave New York, only to be caught by Audrey.
  • Ted is forced, by van, to travel to Guantanemo Bay - his van is destroyed by Sylar, and he is killed.

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