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Ted's cell

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Ted's cell
Ted cell.jpg
Ted Sprague is confined in a cell at Primatech Paper Co.
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Security

Ted is kept in a secure cell at Primatech Paper Co.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Company Man

Mr. Bennet and Thompson observe Ted, who is sedated and restrained in the cell.


Matt uses a Primatech access card to enter Ted's cell and get Ted out.

Memorable Quotes

"Now that we have him, we'll keep Sprague sedated, find out what gives him his spark."

"And then?"

"What do you think?"

- Thompson, Mr. Bennet (Company Man)


  • Sylar's cell and Ted's cell appear to be nearly or perfectly identical in Company Man. However, in .07%, Ted's cell is lined with metal panels, including the observation glass. It is not known how many Primatech cells there are.


  • Production members refer to this set as "Sylar's Lounge".

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