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Sylar face.jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto,
Maurice LaMarche (voice for Sylar's message),
Joshua Rush (in 1980)
First appearance One Giant Leap
In-story stats
Known abilities Intuitive aptitude
Current acquired abilities:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Lung adaptation,
Electric manipulation,
Enhanced strength,
Aliases Gabriel Sylar,
Drew O'Grady,
Dr. Suresh,
Isaac Mendez,
Nathan Petrelli,
Special Agent Andrew Hanson,
et al.
Nicknames Boogeyman, Brain Man, Bad Man, Gabe
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Home New York, NY
Occupations Former carny,
former agent of Pinehearst Company,
former agent of the Company,
former clock/watch restorer
Significant others formerly Elle Bishop (deceased),
formerly Maya Herrera
Parents Samson Gray (father, adoptive uncle),
unnamed mother (deceased)
Adoptive parents:
Martin Gray (adoptive father, biological uncle),
Virginia Gray (adoptive mother, deceased)

Sylar smirked as he lifted his arm and moved his finger sideways, cutting Elle's head open with the power of his mind. He knelt down and examined the girls exposed brain, he found what he was looking for rapidly. He grinned as his hands crackled with Electrical energy, he turned to see Bennet shifting and reaching for a gun. He flung the man away again, feeling the power coursing from the prisoners around him. He turned and opened the first door he could find, it opened into a room which contained a tall black man. The man went to punch Sylar, though he simply put his hand up and stopped the incoming punch. Sylar proceeded to slam Knox against a wall and move his hand in the same motion he had done twice previously that day. It was over quickly and Sylar had harvested yet another ability. He already felt the Hunger growing as he made up for lost powers he'd had before. Now he could absorb peoples fear and transfer it to his own strength. He could tell that guards were already on their way, but he couldn't help himself. The Hunger was now growing inside him as he felt the need for more powers growing, he wanted to make up for all he had lost from the Company.

He knew he could only risk one more power but from there on it would be dangerous. In an attempt to retaliate at the Company further Sylar discharged a huge amount of Electricity which proceeded to diffuse all the prison cells on Level 5. All the prisoners went to escape, and most managed it bar one, whom had previously been throwing arcs of blue fire at the glass screen was picked out by Sylar. He was thrown against the wall, and while the guards were being pushed aside by the escapees Sylar managed to take yet another power from a Level 5 prisoner. From Elle's pocket Sylar is able to retrieve a phone, he flicked through the contacts to a random name - Sue Landers.

On his way out of the building Sylar encounters one of the escapees who is attempting to halt Sylar in his tracks. "Please, you really think you can stop me?" Sylar smirked at the thought of taking yet another power. "Stop it Sylar! Just stop it! You were meant to be dead after New York." This comment caught Sylar's attention, "how do you know about New York?", he proceeded to pin the inmate to the wall.

"I can't let you leave, Sylar. I couldn't stop you in New York but I can't let you go now". Sylar cocked his head and grinned, menacingly. "My my, it's you, isn't it, Pete. I can tell that self-righteous voice anywhere... Even if you are in the body of another man, I'd be interested to know how you do that". He raised his fingers to the escapees forehead and started to move them sideways. Peter opened his mouth and screamed, unknowingly activating the man's power who's body he inhabited and thus causing Sylar to be thrown across the room. Before Sylar could stop Peter he'd already fled the building, confused and in pain.