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Portrayed by Laurence Fishburne
First appearance Plans
In-story stats
Known ability Ability Counteraction
Formal name Maxwell Ross
Age 46
Home Nevada
Occupation A Co-leader for Pinehearst

Ross is a co-leader for Pinehearst.

Character History


Nina calls Ross to tell him she found and stopped him with her ability.


After Tommy woke up from Nina's ability, following orders of Ross, Ross gives Tommy an offer to join his group. He says the group will soon change the world. He was unclear on how it would.

New Partner

Nina had brought in Jack Foreman to Pinehearst so Ross could speak to him about joining the team.

With or Against

Ross introduced the team to Arthur. When the team comes back from their missions assigned by Arthur, Jack starts the mutiny. He shakes Ross's hand and blasted a seismic burst. But Ross used his power to counteract it, and forced the burst backwards killing Jack.


It was revealed that Arthur had lied to his team about him not being a special. Ross eventually killed jack. Arthur tells him not to worry about the others who had run away, and they will deal with them later.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ross had the ability to counter act the abilities of others.

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