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First appearance Eclipse
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Radioactivity
Home New York City
Occupations Former Bank Robber, Former member of Pinehearst

Tommy is an evolved human bank robber.

Character History

Tommy was born in a poor neighborhood who grew up to rob banks. But when the eclipse happened, it changed the way he lived forever. He had an ability to melt things and shoot fire. changed the way he robbed banks and get whatever he wanted.


Tommy was seen by the police after he had robbed the bank. The bank was set on fire each time Tommy was angered. He didn't even mean to do it, but he didn't care much. His hands started glowing outside the bank when the cops started shooting. He shot blasts of radiation to buy himself time to get away, with about $20,000. Later while leaving his loft, he fell into a coma-like state due to an ability, possessed by Nina Matthews.


Tommy is woken up by Nina and is then told that he is wanted for this team. Their employer, Ross, is asking him if he wants to help change the world.

New Partner

Tommy greets Nina and Jack Foreman at Pinehearst and complements him on his ability.

Gained and Lost

When Tommy and Jack walk in to Pinehearst talking about their assignments and their boss, Jack comes up with the idea to take over Pinehearst when they are finished with their jobs. Tommy is hesitant for a while, but eventually likes the idea and agrees.

With or Against

Tommy and Jack ask Nina to join them in the take over. After constant asking, she says yes. He meets Arthur and gets an assignment from him, along with the others. His mission was to kill the Haitian. But he made Tommy powerless, and knocked him out by holding his head for a second. Tommy woke up a few hours later. He and the others were in Arthur's office during the mutiny.


When Tommy saw Ross use his ability to kill Jack, he and Nina ran out of Pinehearst to be safe.

Graphic Novel:Burning Bright, Part 1

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Graphic Novel:Burning Bright, Part 2

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Graphic Novel:Burning Bright, Part 3

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Evolved Human Abilities

Enhanced Radioactivity is the ability to produce heat through his body. He has shown to melt things by touch and to fire blasts of radiation. To him, this power is a joy ride.

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