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Meredith Gordon
Meredith Gordon.jpg
Portrayed by Jessalyn Gilsig
First appearance The Fix
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Nicknames Mere,
Age 34
Date of birth 1973
Place of birth Kingsland, AR
Date of death Post-March 2007
Home formerly Kingsland, AR,
formerly Mexico and Kermit, TX (see other residences),
currently Costa Verde, CA
Residences formerly a Farm home in rural Arkansas (now destroyed),
formerly an apartment in Kermit and a trailer in the Forever Young Trailer Park,
currently the Bennets' residence
Occupation Agent of the Company
Significant other formerly Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Parents Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased),
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Child Claire Bennet
Siblings Flint Gordon, Jr. (younger brother, deceased)

Volume One: Genesis

The Fix

Claire finds out from the Haitian that her mother died in a fire 14 years ago. Checking old newspaper reports, Claire finds a report that Meredith Gordon died in a fire in Kermit, TX, at the age of 21, along with her 18-month-old daughter. Calling everyone named Gordon in Kermit, Claire reaches a woman who claims to be Meredith, her birth mother.

Meredith demonstrates her ability to Claire.


Claire visits Meredith at her trailer park home in Kermit, TX. Meredith describes how she thought Claire had been killed in the fire and then wandered for years afterward, only returning to Kermit a few months ago. When Claire demonstrates her self-healing ability, Meredith demonstrates her own power to create fire. After the visit, Meredith gives Claire a necklace, and places a call to Claire's biological father, Nathan Petrelli.


Meredith tells Nathan that she has received a visit from their daughter, Claire, and asks if there's anything he would like to do. Nathan offers $100,000, which Meredith accepts. When Claire visits and asks again about her father, Meredith says that he would disappoint Claire, but that he has offered the two of them $50,000, of which Claire is entitled to half. She also tells Claire that she is planning to return to Mexico. When Nathan later visits Meredith to deliver the money, Meredith tells him that Claire would like to see him if he's interested, but he tells Meredith that she did well to keep them from meeting.

Company Man

Claude wonders whether the Company was aware of Meredith's daughter before ordering Meredith to be bagged. Then, Mr. Bennet reports to Kaito that they believe Meredith died in the fire.

Graphic Novel:Hell's Angel

In 1992, Mr. Bennet and Claude go to Meredith's apartment in Kermit for a "bag and tag". When they enter, however, they are thwarted by a destructive fire.

Volume Two: Generations

Volume Three: Villains

The Butterfly Effect

After the criminals of Level 5 escape, Noah Bennet decides to attempt to capture the escapees. He hires Meredith to keep an eye on his family when he is away.

One of Us, One of Them

After Claire expresses a desire to skip school so she could seek out and capture evolved human criminals like her father, Meredith meets her in the driveway. Claire asks if Meredith can teach her to fight, and Meredith tells her to get in the car; she's playing hooky today. Meredith takes her to an empty shipping container, and they lock themselves in, saying this is how Claire will have to learn. Meredith produces flames from each of her hand that heat the container's interior as well as consume the oxygen. As conditions in the container begin to grow intolerable for Claire, Meredith relentlessly asks her why she wants to learn to fight, not accepting Claire's claim that she wants to be able to help people. Finally, Claire admits that she wants to fight so she can get revenge, and Meredith douses the flame.

Angels and Monsters

Meredith comes into the kitchen and asks Sandra what's wrong and where she thinks Claire is. Sandra replies by showing Meredith Noah's files on the Level 5 escapees and states that Claire must have gone after one of them. Meredith reminds Sandra that Claire can heal so she'll be okay. The two women look through the files, and Meredith recognizes Eric Doyle's picture and describes him as a bad man. Meredith says that his old address is not far and that is where she will start looking for Claire. Sandra tells her to wait and says she can help, but Meredith creates fire in her hand and asks Sandra, "Can you do this?"

Eric Doyle almost forces Meredith to kill herself.

Later, Meredith is sitting with Doyle, eating spaghetti. Doyle pours some wine and Meredith tells him to go to hell. Despite her objections and disgust, she obeys his every command. Doyle smiles and forces Meredith to eat more spaghetti and then to kiss him.

Dying of the Light

Eric Doyle and Meredith discuss their former relationship and Doyle's desire to resume it. Angered by Meredith's refusals, Doyle forces Meredith to stab herself in the neck with a broken wine glass, but it is only a minor wound.

Claire and Sandra arrive at Doyle's Marionette Theatre and Claire tries to rescue a petrified Meredith. Doyle uses his power to control all three women and forces them to play a twisted version of Russian roulette. Claire is forced to shoot Meredith but the gun is rigged, leaving Meredith unharmed. Sandra, in turn, is forced to shoot Claire, knocking Claire over. As Doyle thinks that she is dead, she attacks and subdues him from behind.

Noah arrives to return Doyle to lockup and attempts to recruit Meredith for The Company.

Eris Quod Sum

Meredith accepts Noah's offer to join the Company and goes with him to Mohinder's lab at the request of Nathan to clean up Mohinder's mess. They find Tracy being attacked by one of Mohinder's victims, to whom Noah promptly responds with a taser. Meredith notes how Nathan still has a weakness for blondes and she has a short conversation with Tracy concerning Nathan. The four then go their separate ways.


In the past, Meredith and her brother Flint rob a convenience store. Thompson uses a fire extinguisher against Flint's pyrokinesis and threatens to tase Meredith. Flint escapes during the distraction.

Thompson later interviews Meredith in her cell and reviews her record, including the fact she burned down several group homes. He offers her a job as an agent with the Company. Meredith attempts to negotiate for the safety of her brother but Thompson refuses.

Meredith uses a taser on her first Company assignment to subdue Danny Pine.

Meredith goes on her first assignment with Thompson: the capture of Danny Pine. Despite orders not to use her powers, she takes down Pine when he turns violent and attacks Thompson, Meredith subdues him and Thompson congratulates her. As they take Pine to a holding facility, Thompson tells Meredith that when she has demonstrated unswerving loyalty to the Company then she'll truly be an agent. She talks with a captive Flint, who believes he's been recruited as an agent. Meredith has doubts but when Thompson asks her if she has a problem, she says she doesn't.

Later, Meredith helps Flint escape and they flee on a train. Thompson goes after them and tases Meredith. Flint believes her dead and Thompson sarcastically agrees with him. Flint leaps out of the train and Meredith wakes up and attacks Thompson, setting the volatile contents on fire. They both leap clear of the train just as it explodes. Thompson recaptures Meredith but when he learns that she believes that the Company killed her daughter, he changes his mind and frees her.


Meredith loses control of her ability, resulting in her death.

Meredith is inside of Primatech with Claire, Noah, and Angela when Sylar seals the building. She separates from Claire and Angela and goes with Noah to release the villains in Level Five. After freeing the villains, Meredith realizes that they are only bait for Sylar. Meredith wanders off on her own with a gun and and finds Danny Pine's severed metallic arm and an empty bottle of adrenaline. She runs into Sylar, but Doyle comes out and tells Sylar that he loves Meredith and that only he can kill her. Doyle then uses his power on Sylar. After Doyle is defeated, Meredith picks up the gun and is about to escape, but Sylar stabs her in the chest with adrenaline.

Sylar puts Meredith on Level 5, where her fire starts to get out of control. Noah is locked inside her cell and when Claire comes by, Noah gets Meredith to superheat the glass to try and get them out. This tactic fails but Claire manages to release the two of them by jumping through the glass. Meredith refuses to go and encourages Claire to stop Sylar. Meredith's ability then begins to overload and when Claire returns, Meredith becomes worried. She begs Claire to leave without her and, after hearing Claire say that she loves her, she backs away into a corner. Claire runs away and Meredith explodes in a mass of flames.