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Sylar's victims

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Sylar's victims
Sylar jackie events.jpg
Sylar stands over a mistaken victim, Jackie Wilcox.

First occurrence: Don't Look Back

As Sylar travels across North America, he leaves a growing number of victims.


Sylar has used several methods to attack his victims:

Additionally, some victims have the top of their skulls cut off, and their brains removed. Sylar can replicate the special powers of his victims because he has intuitive aptitude, the ability to see how things work. (Six Months Ago)

List of Victims

Name Description Reference Power Taken
Bridget Bailey Bridget is given to Sylar by Angela Petrelli and kills her to take her power of clairsentience. One of Us, One of Them Clairsentience
Bob Bishop Sylar kills Bob and takes his ability. The Butterfly Effect Alchemy
Elle Bishop After a romantic fling with Elle, Sylar realizes he cannot change from the monster he is, and slices open Elle's skull before burning her corpse. The Eclipse, Part 2 None
Gael Cruz Sylar mistakenly opens Gael's skull, thinking he is special. Dreams Until Death None
A Danko team squad When Sylar is ambushed by a squad that is attempting to capture him, he easily slaughters them all in Samson Gray's home. A Clear and Present Danger None
David In July 2006, Sylar kills a white male in Chicago. Turning Point Unknown
Dennis A level 5 escapee that Sylar hunts in his solo mission. Viewpoints None
Brian Davis Sylar's first victim (while still known as Gabriel Gray/Gabriel Sylar) was (manually) hit from behind with a large crystal in April 2006. After Brian's murder, Sylar acquired his power of telekinesis. Six Months Ago Telekinesis
Echo DeMille Throat slit at Primatech Research. Dual None
Derek Sylar kills him with a brick at a shop in Mexico. The Kindness of Strangers None
Eric Doyle As Doyle tries to protect Meredith Gordon, Sylar concentrates and overpowers Doyle's control over him, giving Doyle a nosebleed and causing him intense pain.

At the Carnival in Central Park, Sylar faces off with Doyle to save Emma Coolidge. After Emma incapacitates Doyle with a blast, Sylar telekinetically pins Doyle to the ground and subdues him, but ties him up with light cables rather than kill him.
Dual, Brave New World None
An FBI agent Sylar impales the agent who was guarding Molly at FBI Headquarters. One Giant Leap None
Meredith Gordon Sylar injects Meredith with adrenaline, causing her to lose control of her ability and burn to death. Dual None
Virginia Gray After discovering the truth about Sylar, his adoptive mother attacks him with a pair of scissors, leading to Sylar accidentally killing her with them. The Hard Part None
Hank The Company medical professional is found dead in Sylar's cell after Sylar fakes his own death. The Fix None
Hank (Shadowboxing) Sylar bludgeons him with a tire iron while in control of Matt's body. Shadowboxing None
Alejandro Herrera In a fight over Maya, Sylar fatally stabs Alejandro with a knife. Sylar was unable to take away his ability due to the Shanti virus. Truth & Consequences None
Homeland Security agents Sylar fights three DHS agents at the Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant; later he slays a group of them inside their van. Building 26 None
Bianca Karina Sylar mistakenly breaks Bianca's neck, thinking she isn't special. Dreams Until Death None
Sue Landers Sylar kills Sue on her birthday, taking her powers to determine if Arthur and Angela lied about being his parents. Our Father Lie detection
Dr. Livitz Attempting to save Peter, Sylar telekinetically throws Dr. Livitz against the wall, impaling him on wall fixtures. Eris Quod Sum None
Joe Macon Sylar kills Joe in his office in Pittsburgh, PA. Out of Town... On Business Imprinting
Eden McCain The Company agent is attacked by Sylar through his holding cell's glass, but shoots herself before he can take her power. Fallout None
Isaac Mendez Don't Look Back, .07% Precognition
Tom Miller Sylar pretends to be Rebel as Danko comes for Tom. After having Tom display his ability, Sylar removes his brain and takes his power. I Am Sylar Disintegration
Jesse Murphy Sylar uses his telekinesis to trap Jesse in a bank he was helping to rob, then takes his ability. One of Us, One of Them Sound manipulation
Northeast Brewing Company trucker Sylar kills the man who helped him; he telekinetically jams broken beer bottles into his body. Road Kill None
Nathan Petrelli Sylar slits Nathan's throat using telekinesis. Sylar acquires Nathan's power at the same time, but does it empathically moments before killing him rather than through brain removal. An Invisible Thread None
Arthur Petrelli Sylar telekinetically stops a bullet fired by Peter, then asks Arthur if he is truly his father. When Sylar realizes Arthur is lying, he projects the bullet through Arthur's head. Our Father None
Danny Pine Sylar cuts off Danny's arm. He is confirmed dead. Dual Unknown
Primatech guards Sylar murders at least five guards at Primatech. Four guards are seen lying dead in the hallways. A fifth guard is seen dead in a chair with his throat slit. Dual None
A rabbit Sylar cuts a rabbit with a knife Shades of Gray None
Dale Smither Sylar gets overly excited when learning of her power. That night, he kills her. Unexpected Enhanced hearing
Theodore Sprague On November 7, 2006 Sylar uses telekinesis to crash and flip a FBI truck holding Ted, then takes Ted's ability while he is dangling upside-down and still handcuffed. Landslide Induced radioactivity
Chandra Suresh In a dream, Mohinder witnesses Sylar punch through the glass partition of his father's cab and slam Chandra's head against the driver's side window repeatedly before breaking his neck. Seven Minutes to Midnight None
Sylar's decoy victim In June 2006, Sylar gives his clothes to an old man as a decoy. Audrey is duped into thinking she found Sylar, and shoots the old man. Turning Point None
Zane Taylor Sylar remembers the man's name from Chandra's map, and impersonates Mohinder Suresh to meet him. Sylar then steals his identity and power. Run! Melting
Uniformed police officer In an unaired scene, Sylar freezes a cop guarding Molly. One Giant Leap (unaired scene) None
Unknown victim from Barstow Audrey mentions a victim from Barstow, CA, who was killed in a manner similar to Sylar's other victims, but who survived long enough to say Sylar's name. Don't Look Back None
James Walker On October 2, 2006, James Walker, Molly Walker's father, is found dead in his home, his head frozen and his brain removed. Don't Look Back Freezing
Mrs. Walker Molly Walker's mother is found pinned to the side of the staircase with household objects, with no sign of physical contact. Don't Look Back None
Jackie Wilcox Mistaking her for Claire Bennet, Sylar kills the cheerleader at Union Wells High School. This fulfills the painting by Isaac and Peter. Homecoming None
Candice Willmer Sylar smashes a coffee cup over her head, and uses a shard to gain access to the brain, but he is unable to take her ability because of the Shanti Virus. Kindred None
Trevor Zeitlan Sylar's second victim (while still known as Gabriel Gray/Gabriel Sylar) was telekinetically held against a wall as Sylar took his ability. Villains Shattering

List of Attempted Victims

Name Description Reference
Claire Bennet

In a locker room Sylar forcibly throws Claire aside to focus on Jackie Wilcox; Claire is promptly saved by regeneration.

Sylar finds Claire in Costa Verde and removes the top of her skull. He takes her ability of regeneration, but notes that he cannot kill her.


The Second Coming
Noah Bennet Sylar telekinetically throws his former captor against the repaired glass window.

Sylar throws Noah across Kirby Plaza.

Sylar restrains Noah and attempts to kill him by cutting his throat before Hiro Nakamura intervenes.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

The Eclipse, Part 2
Sandra Bennet At the Bennets' home, Sylar causes Sandra to be thrown into a glass bookshelf. Distractions
Audrey Hanson When the agent draws her gun on Sylar and orders him to stop, she is somehow hurled backward. Sylar then makes her point her gun at her own head. Matt arrives and fires several shots at the suspect, ending the ordeal. One Giant Leap
Maya Herrera When Maya realizes Sylar killed her brother, he shoots her in the chest before she can lose control, killing her. However, she is later brought back to life with some of Claire's blood. Powerless
Captain Lubbock In the House of Mirrors at the carnival, Sylar electrocutes Captain Lubbock. Sylar walks away before Lubbock is killed by Edgar. Tabula Rasa
Ando Masahashi Ando arrives at Isaac's loft to battle Sylar, but Sylar sneaks up behind him and attempts to cut his throat. However, Hiro comes in and quickly saves Ando from being killed. How to Stop an Exploding Man
Hiro Nakamura Sylar tries to finish Hiro by throwing him across Kirby Plaza, but Hiro teleports away before crashing into the building behind him.
When Hiro alters time to save Charlie Andrews, Sylar repeatedly attacks him, but Hiro freezes time each time to free himself and makes a deal with Sylar who agrees after detecting Hiro's tumor.
How to Stop an Exploding Man, Once Upon a Time in Texas
Matt Parkman After Matt fires several shots at Sylar, Sylar stops the bullets telekinetically, then projects them back at Matt. Matt later recovers from his wounds (presumably through hospital care). How to Stop an Exploding Man, Four Months Later...
Angela Petrelli When Sylar regains his body, he makes Angela and Peter dine with him. After he finishes a pie, begins to open Angela's skull but Nathan's memories take over him and he turns back into Nathan. Thanksgiving
Peter Petrelli Sylar pursues Peter at Homecoming. He grabs Peter, and they both fall off the bleachers at Union Wells High School, onto the pavement below. Peter, lying twisted and mangled on the ground, absorbs Claire's power of regeneration and survives.

Sylar telekinetically pins Peter to the wall and unsuccessfully attempts to cut the top of Peter's head off. When Peter starts to regenerate, Sylar is startled long enough for Peter to break free, but Sylar impales him in the back of the head with a shard of glass, killing Peter before Mohinder subdues him. Peter is able to regenerate after Claire removes the glass.

Sylar telekinetically chokes Peter, then uses a parking meter to hit him. However, Niki Sanders takes the meter and knocks Sylar to the ground before Peter absorbs her enhanced strength and uses it to beat on Sylar.

Sylar battles Peter and Nathan in the Stanton Hotel, throwing Peter to the floor, but not before he successfully takes shape shifting from him, leaving him with some cuts and bruises. Peter later defeats Sylar by injecting him with a tranquilizer.

Sylar attacks Peter and Angela at Thanksgiving dinner after regaining control from Nathan's mind. He pins Peter to the wall and attempts to cut open Angela's head, but Nathan manages to regain control and fly away before he can do anything else.

Sylar attacks Peter, disguised as Nurse Hammer, in order to get revenge on him, but Peter tricks him and neutralizes his powers. Sylar attempts to fight Peter physically, but is defeated.



How to Stop an Exploding Man

An Invisible Thread


The Fifth Stage
Daniel Simmons Sylar tortures him in order to know where his father is. A Clear and Present Danger,Trust and Blood
Samuel Sullivan Sylar pins Samuel against his trailer and tries to kill him, but is grievously injured by Samuel before he can harm him. Let It Bleed
Mohinder Suresh Sylar pins a bloodied Mohinder to the ceiling of his New York apartment. Parasite
Molly Walker After failing to locate her at her parents' home, Sylar attempts to abduct James Walker's daughter from FBI Headquarters in Los Angeles. One Giant Leap

Victims from Alternate Timelines

Explosion Future

Exposed Future

Memorable Quotes

"We've pieced a trail across a dozen states. All people impaled by household objects. Bones broken. All without any traceable sign of physical contact. But only some of them involve any mutilation of the head or neck, so they don't see the connections."

- Audrey Hanson (One Giant Leap)

"You know, three months ago, my job made perfect sense to me. And then I pulled the Sylar case. Crime scenes with no fingerprints. Bodies frozen; brains removed."

- Audrey (to Matt) (Seven Minutes to Midnight)

"At least six of the people on this list are dead, all of them from the same killer. James Walker in Los Angeles was killed nine days ago. Charlene Andrews two days ago, Midland, Texas."

- Mohinder (to the FBI) (Fallout)

"That sound in your heart, what is it?"


- Dale, Sylar (Unexpected)

"You're not a killer Peter...I am."

- Sylar, (seconds before killing Arthur Petrelli) (Our Father)

"Wow. So you're like a serial killer."

"I'm not a serial killer."

"But you've got a pattern. You go after specific victims, you collect mementos..."

"Okay, technically, I'm a serial killer."

- Luke Campbell, Sylar (Building 26)

"How many of them are there? A dozen? ... Two dozen?"

- Sylar, (to Samuel) (Tabula Rasa)

"How many people have I killed... hundreds I suppose."

"And all of this because of an agreement you made with the defendant?"

"Yup, he told me if I saved the waitress I could have the cheerleader and everybody else I wanted to kill."

"And as long as you saved his girlfriend you could kill some more, willy nilly."

"Willy nilly."

- Sylar, Adam (Pass/Fail)

"All I know is that once I'm free from the temptation of my ability..."

"Mm-mm? You're going to be normal? I'm sorry, that ship sailed 50 murders ago."

- Sylar, Matt (The Art of Deception)


  • In an interview with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, they said that three months ago is both when Audrey took the Sylar case, and when Sylar's murders attracted major attention.
  • Audrey Hanson mistakenly attributes the death of Dr. Robert Fresco to Sylar. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Audrey Hanson states that eight murders are linked to Sylar, which would exclude murders done after the killing of the unnamed FBI agent. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Audrey Hanson states that she's pieced together a trail connected to Sylar across a dozen states, implying that he's killed at least 11 people before killing James Walker and his wife. (One Giant Leap)
  • Sylar is seen wearing the same broken wristwatch as Chandra's killer in Mohinder's dream (Seven Minutes to Midnight). Assuming the dream is accurate, Chandra Suresh is likely one of Sylar's victims. If so, then why he was killed in such a different fashion from the others likely has some significance.
  • Eden McCain believed that Sylar was Chandra's killer; she tells Mohinder she's going to take care of his father's killer right before her encounter with Sylar. (Fallout)
  • Mohinder tells the FBI that six people on the list have been killed, including Charlie Andrews and James Walker. (Fallout) Brian Davis and Trevor Zeitlan are also on the list. Two other victims prior to Charlie had their brains exposed, implying they may be the remaining two victims from the list.
  • Sylar tends to assume the identity of his victims. He has used the identities of Zane Taylor, Nathan Petrelli, James Martin, and Isaac Mendez to his advantage after killing them. He has also used Mohinder's identity when falsely identified by Zane, and Micah's identity when falsely identified by Tom Miller.
  • Sylar has killed at least 50 people. In Pass/Fail, the Sylar in Hiro's subconscious claims he may have killed hundreds.


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Fan Theories

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