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Volume Four Episode Quotes - v1, v2, v3, v5'

""You are still talking to a Turtle, Parkman."" - Usutu, (to Parkman)

"What did we ever do to you?" ... "Nothing. Wrong place, wrong time. I could have been a flood or a tornado. There's really no difference, actually." - Mary Campbell, Sylar

"He was gonna shoot you in the head, I mean I could have just let him." ... "And I let you live, kind of a big deal for me!" - Luke Campbell, Sylar

""Wow. So you're like a serial killer. ...I'm not a serial killer...But you've got a pattern. You go after specific victims. You collect mementos...Okay, technically, I'm a serial killer." - Luke Campbell, Sylar

""I thought you'd enjoy the extra time with your family."..."There's only so many crossword puzzles I can do."" - Nathan, Noah

"There is no escape. There is only pain." - Sylar

"But if there were agents outside... why aren't they kicking in the door, looking to collect a comes-back-to-life Barbie?" - Eric Doyle

"Can you say 'Yatta'?" - Hiro, (to baby Matt Jr

"If we do this, if we succeed, you'll be the only one left.".."Funny how that works." - Danko, Sylar

""Hold on, let's not go gettin' all foreign!"" - Oriental Looking Trucker, (to Hiro and Ando)

"I have socks for you." - Angela, (to Alice)

"Get out of my Body!" - Nathan, (to Sylar)