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Episode:Into Asylum

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Into Asylum
Season: Three
Episode number: 321
First aired: March 30, 2009
Into Asylum Main Image.jpg
Written by: Joe Pokaski
Directed by: Jim Chory
Previous episode: Cold Snap
Next episode: Turn and Face the Strange
Heroes Interactive transcript


Story Development

Shape shifting · James Martin



Nathan and Claire go to the Puerta al Cielo Motel in Pátzcuaro, Mexico, where the receptionist asks them how long will they be staying. Nathan hands over all the money he has, which is only enough for one night. The receptionist, glancing at Claire, tells Nathan that the rate is different if they want to pay per hour. Nathan exclaims that he's her father, and storms out. Claire jokes to the receptionist that he's only her biological father.

Outside, Nathan tells Claire that because he was exposed, her free pass has been revoked, and that Danko's jurisdiction doesn't apply to Mexico yet. When Claire asks about everyone else, Nathan says that he will make some calls and put some things in motion. When they enter the motel room, Nathan considers the fact that they have to eat too, and offers to buy Claire a taco, but she reminds him that they have no money left. Claire wants to go for a walk, but Nathan thinks it would be better if they stuck together--for her own safety. She promises to be careful, and he tells her to meet down at the cantina later.

In New York City, Peter and Angela fly down and land in an alley. She calls him her "very own guardian angel" and "a good son". Peter, still angry, tells her that was not why he saved her; he wants answers. She implies that she does not have them but Peter says she always knew more than she let on. Angela winces and tells him that she herself needs some answers now and that's why she needed him to bring her to this church. It starts raining heavily, ending their discussion, and Angela heads inside the church.

In a house in Arlington, Virginia lie the dead bodies of three agents. A team examine the scene of crime, while Noah checks over the corpses. Danko asks a nearby agent, Jenkins, what happened, and he explains that he and three other agents came there to apprehend James Martin. He watched the hallway while the other three went in, but heard three gunshots, and rushed in to find them dead. Jenkins also says that he didn't see anyone, and then throws up, apologizing. Danko sends him back to headquarters to get cleaned up.

Peter and Angela arrive at a church.

After Jenkins leaves, Noah, examining the bodies, asks why they were after James Martin; Danko says that he set off the "red flag", and that his DNA was in the national database. He also says that they didn't know what his ability was. Noah lectures Danko on sending men in "blind", and that they need to know what powers they're dealing with, because each ability requires a different tactic. Danko argues back, saying that he was given orders to take everyone in, and reminds Noah that he was friends with Nathan, before going out to his car.

Taking a deep breath, Danko closes his eyes and listens to the car radio, holding up a cigarette, as rain pounds down outside. Then Sylar suddenly appears in the back seat. He whistles the tune on the radio, and comments on the "bloodbath", before asking whether or not Danko received the "gifts" he left; the stuffed bunny and the half-dead puppeteer. Sylar explains that he and Danko both want the same thing--to kill evolved humans. As Sylar offers his help in finding and killing James Martin, Danko slowly reaches for a gun, but Sylar disappears before Danko can pull the weapon. Confused, he turns back around, and drives off. Overhead, Sylar stands on top of a building in the rain.

In the control room of Building 26, Danko delivers a speech about the importance of finding James Martin, and how the three agents' deaths will not be in vain. He holds up a picture of him, swapping it with Sylar's picture on the top of the "At Large" category. Noah compliments him on his speech, and Danko tells him that the team badly needs a win. He then asks Noah for a plan, and he suggests "working the enemy"; one of us, one of them. When Danko asks how it's even possible to work with or even trust them, Noah explains that they should be viewed as assets; weapons to be mobilized. He then brings up Sylar, and that there is reason to believe he's in D.C., and they should try to capture him. Danko refuses, telling Noah that he has a different assignment for him, giving him Angela Petrelli's file.

Down in Pátzcuaro, Claire meets Nathan at the cantina, and gives him a small stack of money, explaining that she went to a pawn shop and sold a necklace that her "other dad" gave her. She says that although she didn't want to sell it, he would be mad if he knew they needed the money and she didn't. Nathan insists that he has everything under control, and reminds her that this is not a simple situation. After Claire argues a little, Nathan asks why she doesn't appreciate what he's done for her--giving her her free pass and then rescuing her. Claire asks why Nathan gave her the free pass, but he shrugs off the question, tell her he had his reasons. He then takes the money, saying he can turn it into more, and walks up to a group of guys drinking tequila.

Peter enters the church just as mass ends and sits on a pew next to Angela, who is still drenched from the rain. She tells him that she hasn't been able to sleep or dream, and therefore doesn't know what to do. She also says that sleeping pills will not do the trick; in order for the dreams to come, the sleep must be "earned." Angela tells Peter that she always found peace in Father Vance's church, that it was where she and Arthur were married, where Peter had his first communion, and where Nana's funeral took place. She tells Peter that there was once love in their family, and that their current situation is all her fault. When Peter asks if she came to be forgiven, Angela responds by saying "I'm not sure even God has that in him."

Back in Mexico, Nathan hangs out with the group of guys, giving them an offer: $100 per hit, winner takes all. Overhearing this, Claire takes Nathan to the side to question his motives. Reassuring her, Nathan tells her that he used to do the same thing for money when he was younger in the Philippines. Reluctantly, Claire allows him to proceed, as she sits on a bar stool behind him.

Agent Jenkins checks in with Danko back at Building 26 and shakes his hand, praising him on his inspirational speech. Danko's phone rings on top of a cardboard box, and after answering it to find that it's Sylar, he excuses Jenkins. Sylar tells Danko that he found another body, and to look in the box. Danko opens the box to find the severed head of Agent Jenkins; Sylar reveals that James Martin is a shape shifter, and has altered his appearance to that of Agent Jenkins. Danko looks up to see James Martin, as Jenkins, leaving the office, and Danko and several men go running after him. In the northeast corner of the parking lot of Building 26, Martin continues walking until Danko shoots at him, at which point he starts running. Downstairs, he bumps into a janitor. Still running, Martin groans in pain as his skin shifts and molds, before his appearance changes into that of the janitor. Right behind him, Danko and his men bump into the real janitor and take him in, but still continue their chase. Martin, as the janitor, rushes out of an emergency exit, with Danko and his men just behind him. Outside, it's a crowded street, raining and dark; he could be anywhere.

Claire takes over for dad with an edge.

Peter found a coat that looked like something Angela would wear in one of the donation bins. Angela says that that was her coat--she donated it last week, and it's supposed to go to someone who needs it. He insists that she needs it, and help her change out of the wet one that she's wearing. Peter is surprised that she's still so active in the church, but she tells him that giving things isn't the same as being there; just like with Nathan and himself. She also goes on to say that she and Arthur supported them, but didn't give them support, and that while he was growing up, there were so many times that she could have told him the truth or given him comfort but didn't. She feels that Peter must hate her. He dodges the accusation by offering to get her some tea to help her sleep better, but then tells her that he doesn't hate her, and that whatever happened, she's still his mother. Angela tells him that unconditional love "isn't really love at all".

It's night at the cantina in Pátzcuaro, Nathan and Sligo take shot after shot until Claire gets up and tells them to consider a draw, since they look pretty worn out. Nathan reassures her and tells her that they're fine, they need the money, and that her dad isn't the only one who can do stuff. Nathan passes out as Sligo claims his victory. Claire offers him a rematch for all the money, plus Nathan's watch; Sligo is hesitant as he was already 22 shots into the competition, but Claire insists that she can catch up.

Sylar walks into James Martin's home, and finds Danko waiting for him. Danko tells him that he's pretty predictable; he came back because he wanted James Martin's ability. He also tells him that he read his file, about how he likes to take on characters and speak with fake accents. Sylar says it's fun, but Danko suggests that Sylar is desperate to be anyone but himself. Danko then tells Sylar that he could just shoot him in the head, but Sylar says that the part that has to get hit in order for him to die is microscopic; Danko adds in that he also has to jam something in "to make it stick". Danko says that bringing in Sylar would be an impressive achievement, but Sylar reminds Danko that he's only one of a long list of targets, and offers him a deal--he could help find all the others, then Danko could "take [his] shot." Danko hesitantly puts down his gun.

Angela sits with her eyes closed in prayer as thunder rumbles through the church. Peter watches her, and then walks to the church altar, where a statue of Jesus stands. Peter speaks to the statue, saying that he asked to be extraordinary, and promised that he would help people, but now he's running for his life, and that he can't help anyone. He says he's angry at his father, Nathan, his mother, and God. He wonders if God even cares or is listening, and while lighting a candle, begs him to "show up". A couple of seconds later, a gust of wind blows out the candles. Peter turns around, only to see some agents locking down the perimeter of the church. Peter calmly walks towards Angela, and the two head for the confessionals.

In the apartment, Sylar and Danko go through James Martin's stuff to help find clues as to where he is and what he's doing. Sylar says that Danko is a "shape shifter" too, in that he has nothing in his home that defines him. In Martin's closet, Sylar finds outfits for a lawyer, a doctor, and a priest, among others, and concludes that these are the costumes of men in positions of power. They also find a small stack of pictures, all of different men with attractive women, and work out that all the men in the photographs are James Martin: he is trying to use his ability to look for love. After further searching, Sylar and Danko both find matchboxes from a nightclub called Garden of Eden and realize that this is Martin's regular haunt.

A sober Claire catches up with Sligo, and he wonders why she doesn't even look drunk. She pauses for a moment, and then bursts into laughter, pretending to slur her words. They talk some more, with Claire explaining how Nathan tries too hard to please her, and Sligo saying that he understands because his parents are divorced too. Before Claire can tell him that he's misunderstood the situation, Sligo passes out too. Claire gathers up the prize money, wakes Nathan up, and tells him that they have to go.

Back at the church, the agents continue to search for fugitives. Inside a confessional, Angela apologizes to Peter, but Peter's more concerned about staying quiet so that they don't get caught. Angela insists that she must speak, because it could be their last chance. She explains that when she was younger, she was full of hope, just like him, and wanted to be teacher. Then her power manifested and she started dreaming of death and destruction, and a coming apocalypse. She tried to warn everyone, but no one would believe her. As she speaks, someone approaches outside. She keeps talking, admitting that she lied, manipulated betrayed and lost everything--her friends, her husband, her sons--but this was the price she chose to pay to save the world. Just as she finishes, the confessional door opens and Angela and Peter turn in fear, only to see Noah Bennet. He stares for several seconds before giving the other agents the "all clear".

"Danko" has some fun in the club.

Down at the Garden of Eden, Sylar and Danko look around the crowd for Martin before Sylar spots him, sitting with a woman, disguised as Danko. Danko doesn't understand why Martin would pretend to be him, so Sylar explains that it's because Danko fits the pattern--a man of power and authority. While embracing the woman, Martin sees the real Danko through the crowd and runs.

Claire turns on the light of the motel room, telling Nathan to never fly when he's in his condition. Nathan wonders how Claire is so sober, and she explains that it's because of her ability. He apologizes to Claire, and confesses that when he first found out about her, he denied that there was a problem, and thought that if he had kept his distance, they could get together later and catch up. He expresses regret in waiting, since she's all grown up already, though Claire disagrees. He also explains that he gave her the free pass because he thought it would win her over. Claire's eyes start to water as she stares at him. He falls asleep on the bed, saying that he'll make things better for Peter, his mom, and Claire. She wipes a tear from her face before picking up a blanket and covering him.

In the club, Danko finds Sylar and tells him that he's lost track of Martin. Slightly confused, Sylar says that he has, too. Danko concludes that Martin must be gone "for good" and that they should leave. Danko walks out the door and Sylar follows right behind, then suddenly pulls a gun from his pocket and aims for Danko's head. A trigger goes off, but it's Danko, who has turned around and shot James Martin posing as Sylar. The real Sylar walks in, shocked that Danko has killed Martin, but Danko corrects him, saying that Martin is still alive, and so Sylar can still take his ability, though Danko requests that he does it without leaving any marks. Sylar grins, shuts the door and leans over as Martin whimpers in fear.

The next morning, Claire wakes up and Nathan thanks her for helping him out. She wonders if they're now going to Washington, but he says no, because he didn't make any calls. She questions what he said the night before, but he claims he was drunk and apologizes for getting her hopes up. Distraught, Claire tells him that over the years, she often imagined what her biological father would be like, only to find that he was more amazing than she could ever have pictured. He can do anything he wants and fly--he was supposed to be her Superman. She leaves the room in tears.

In the church, Angela wakes up on Peter's shoulder. She tells him that she slept and had a dream about the angel depicted in one of the stained-glass windows. She now knows what they have to do: first, find Nathan and Claire to bring the family together, then find her sister. Peter looks confused at the mention of a sister, but Angela smiles and pats him on the cheek.

Claire waits at a bus stop, as Nathan, fully dressed, walks up behind her. She asks what time it is, but he doesn't have his watch. Instead, from his pocket, he pulls out the necklace Claire initially sold at the pawn shop and fastens it around her neck, telling her he's heading back up. The two part ways for a few seconds until he turns around and asks her if she's coming. She is reluctant, but decides to join him.

Noah walks down a street to meet up with Danko, who is kneeling down over a body bag. Noah bends down and opens the bag to see that it's Sylar. When Danko walks away, Noah checks the back of Sylar's head and sees that a knife is shoved in it. A woman walks up behind Noah, asking him if he is okay, and zipping up the body bag.

Sylar toys with his latest power.

Angela walks confidently down the aisle of the church with Peter right behind her. He stops and turns back to look at the altar. He smiles, and holds his mother's hand as the two walk out of the church.

Danko sits in his car with the radio on, holding a cigarette, until the female agent gets into the car and tells him that cigarettes are bad. Danko asks how it felt to zip up the body bag, when the woman suddenly starts groaning in pain, eventually morphing back into Sylar. "Cathartic, poetic, and tactically fortunate," he responds, looking in the car's mirror. Danko says that if they go through with their plan, he'll be the only one left, Sylar looks at him and says "Funny how that works." Danko starts the car, and the two drive off.

Memorable Quotes

"Una noche, señor... a menos que quieran alquilar por hora." ("One night, sir... unless you're paying hourly.")

"¡Yo soy su padre!" ("I'm her father!")

- Motel receptionist, Nathan

"He's a better you than you."

- Sylar (to Danko, when referring to James Martin in Danko's form)

"I was just like you, my head in the clouds... I was gonna be a teacher. Then my power manifested and the dreams came; visions of a bloody future of deceit and death; the Apocalypse."

- Angela to Peter

"If we do this... if we succeed... you'll be the only one left."

"Funny how that works."

- Danko, Sylar

Character Appearances


  • The transition to the "To Be Continued" was radically different from prior episodes. Particularly, the card was not accompanied by a distinct musical cue, but instead was revealed as the song from the previous scene, "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" by The Animals, played until black.
  • According to the Heroes Interactive for this episode, the original script called for the three college guys at the Puerta al Cielo Motel to start a brawl over losing. However, producers later decided to cut out that part of the sequence. The scene was later released on
  • The music playing in the Mexican cantina was on the soundtrack of the game Tropico.

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