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Portrayed by Myself... probably
Sex Male
Date of birth 8/9 (That'd be 9/8 for you Americans!)
Occupation University Student
Favorite quote "Have you met their mother?"
Favorite color Blue
Favorite episode Our Father
Favorite graphic novel Life Before Eden
Favorite Heroes actor Jack Coleman
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite character Eden McCain
Least favorite character Mohinder Suresh
Favorite power Electic Manipluation
Favorite fruit Lemon
Favorite sport Hurling
Favorite magazine Empire

I'm a 23 year - old Irish Student who currently attends Trinity College in Dublin, called Paul. I joined Heroes Wiki on 3 January, 2009. My favorite characters can be seen below. My favorite episode, at the moment is Our Father, although Seven Minutes to Midnight is very close.


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