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Information Update edit

2005-May 2006June 2006July 2006Aug.-Sept. 2006Overview

July 2006

  • JG Roshell (XXXVIII), a comic book letterer and designer from Comicraft, joins the GN crew.

July 1

  • Youtube, with the proper permission of NBC, starts publishing 20 second introduction videos of main characters.

July 5

  • Different US TV channels, start reporting about the upcoming show, in their news.

July 7

  • Youtube publishes an interview with Milo Ventimiglia about the show.

July 9

  • Syfy Portal (26), posts that Heroes would have a gay character.
In the pilot for “Heroes,” a popular high school cheerleader confides in a male friend about her superhero-like ability. While it’s not spelled out in so many words, the male character is gay.

In an interview, Kring says:

“I am intrigued by a gay character front and center, and we are openly discussing it in the studio and in the writers’ room now. It doesn’t scare me at all (despite his run-in with a network executive), and it’s always been a battle with networks on that sort of thing. there’s a subversiveness that you’re forced to think about these things with. You try to come in through a side door.”

July 18

  1. Another review of the pilot is released. Here it says it is 55 minutes.
  2. Vfx World (27), publishes the following:
    At the 2006 Comic-Con, the pilot episode shown will be an “exclusive 72-minute special cut “. Following the screening of the pilot, the cast and crew will be attending a Q&A with the audience, and then everyone there will get another special treat: Limited Edition “Heroes” comic books drawn by artist Tim Sale! The screening and Q&A will take place in Room 6CDEF at the Comic Con.
  3. The first official/unofficial fan site opens: (28) with the collaboration of invision (29), Craig Byrne (30) and JG Roshell.
  4. The first official page of an in-universe character, Claire Bennet's MySpace page (31) opens.
  5. The second official page of an in-universe character, Zach's MySpace page (32) opens.

July 22

  • San Diego Comic-Con gathers. Jeph Loeb makes the opening and over 2000 people attends. Jeph Loeb, Tim Kring and Tim Sale from the crew and everyone except Greg Grunberg and Hayden Panettiere from the cast attend the convention. The original 72 minutes, unaired pilot is shown. Then there are the question and answers for 18 minutes. At the end a comic book prepared by the drawings of Tim Sale, is distributed selectively and with a limited number. Read the FutonCritic review here.

July 24

  • Some videos from the Comic-Con are posted at youtube. You can watch some of them here.

July 26

  • HeroesTheSeries publishes the review of the pilot episode. Read it here.

July 28

  1. (33) writes that we will be able to download Heroes original context from iTunes, starting from September 1. You can read it here.
  2. The Futon Critic writes that NBC expends his partnership with National Cinemedia, Nissan and Apple's iTunes for the show Heroes. You can read it here.

July 31

  • Youtube posts a promo of Hiro time travelling and teleporting.

Overview III

Heroes Creation

People or Companies

  1. Tim Kring
  2. NBC
  3. The Crew
  4. The Cast
  5. NBC Universal Media Studios
  6. Tailwind Productions
  7. Aspen MLT Comics
  8. Comicraft
  9. invision
  10. Craig Byrne

Official Media

  2. Tim Sale's website
  4. The Global Couch
  5. Beaming Beeman

In-Universe Media

  1. Claire Bennet's MySpace page
  2. Zach's MySpace page

Unofficial Media

  1. HeroesTheSeries
  2. Heroes Brasil
  3. "CBR"
  4. HeroesTheSeries Forum

Unrelated Media

  1. the Futon Critic
  3. Wikipedia
  5. Queen TV
  6. Youtube
  7. TV without Pity Forum
  9. Syfy Portal
  10. Vfx World

The Crew

The Series Crew

  1. Tim Kring, the Creator, the Writer and an Executive Producer
  2. Tim Sale, the Artistic Consultant
  3. Dennis Hammer, an Executive Producer
  4. David Semel, the Director and an Executive Producer
  5. Jeph Loeb, the Co-executive Producer
  6. Skip Beaudine, a Producer.
  7. Lori Motyer, the Co-producer.
  8. Burk Sauls, the Colourist
  9. Dave Stewart, the Colourist
  10. Cesar Lemus, the Storyboard Artist.
  11. Michael Budge, the Art Director.
  12. Debra McGuire, the Costume Designer.
  13. Lori Madrigal, a Special Effects Makeup Artist.
  14. Ian Quinn, a Stunt Coordinator.
  15. Wendy Melvoin, a Music Composer.
  16. Lisa Coleman, a Music Composer.
  17. Walter Eckert, the Art Department Coordinator.
  18. Glenn Hetrick, a Special Effects Makeup Artist.
  19. Greg Solomon, a Special Effects Makeup Artist.
  20. Steve Schriver, a Stunt Coordinator.
  21. Jesse Alexander, a Writer and a Co-executive Producer.
  22. Ruth Ammon, the Production Designer.
  23. Allan Arkush, a Director and an Executive Producer.
  24. Adam Armus, a Supervising Producer.
  25. Greg Beeman, a Director and an Executive Producer.
  26. Natalie Chaidez, a Writer and a Co-executive Producer.
  27. Jim Chory, a Producer.
  28. Aron Coleite, the Co-Producer.
  29. Kay Foster, a Supervising Producer.
  30. Bryan Fuller, the Consulting Producer.
  31. Michael Green, a Writer and a Co-executive Producer.
  32. Shenkar, the Vocalist.

The Graphic Novel Crew

  1. Aron Coleite, the Graphic Novel Writer
  2. Michael Turner, a Graphic Novel (GN) Artist
  3. Koi Turnbull, a GN Artist
  4. Mark Roslan, the GN Digital Inker
  5. Peter Steigerwald, a GN Colourist
  6. David Moran, a GN Colourist
  7. JG Roshell, the Production of the official/unofficial fan site

The Cast

The Main Cast

  1. Santiago Cabrera as Isaac Mendez
  2. Tawny Cypress as Simone Deveraux
  3. Noah Gray-Cabey as Micah Sanders
  4. Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman
  5. Ali Larter as Niki Sanders
  6. Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura
  7. Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet
  8. Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli
  9. Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh
  10. Leonard Roberts as D. L. Hawkins
  11. Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli

The Secondary Cast

  1. Americus Abesamis
  2. Omid Abtahi
  3. Max Amini
  4. Randall Bentley
  5. Jack Coleman as HRG
  6. Ashley Crow
  7. Thomas Dekker
  8. Stacy Haiduk
  9. Jacob Hashem
  10. Corey Kotler
  11. Shishir Kurup
  12. James Kyson Lee as Ando Masahashi
  13. Tohoru Masamune as Boss at Yamagato
  14. Michael Milhoan
  15. Milos Milicevic
  16. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
  17. Wiley Pickett
  18. Jacqueline Piñol
  19. John Prosky
  20. Deirdre Quinn
  21. Ian Quinn
  22. Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli
  23. Richard Roundtree
  24. Brian Tarantina
  25. John Thaddeus
  26. David Ury
  27. Greg Wrangler

In-Universe Data

We get to know our first and second confirmed in-universe characters through their MySpace pages: Claire Bennet and Zach.
Information Update edit

2005-May 2006June 2006July 2006Aug.-Sept. 2006Overview