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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 3 - Control

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  • Charles reminisces about the discovery of his ability
  • Charles' ability manifests
  • Using his ability, Charles accidentally kills his parents



New York. It’s the city that never sleeps. The city with corruption at its highest peaks, and in its lowest depths. This is the place I call “my home”

This city is not for the faint of hearts. It’s unpredictable and dangerous. The only way to survive is through control; controlling others; manipulating them for your own needs. That’s how I survive. But I’m not like others, I’m special, “different”.

I have a gift, or an ability, whatever you want to call it. It helps separate me from those who are controlled and those who control. It wasn’t until recently that I even knew I had this gift; it just appeared all of a sudden, as if it had suddenly been activated.

It happened about a month ago……


I was on my way home from the shops when I was attacked by a group of thugs. One of them just went for me and I suddenly felt a rush.

“GET OFF” I shouted.

And to my amazement, he did. He just stood there, mesmerized, as if he was in a trance, then he just walked off. His friends shouted after him…

“Where the hell are you going?”

But he just kept on walking. For some reason I felt bigger than them, better in some sort of way, so I stood up, concentrated on the group of thugs and said…

“You don’t want to rob me, now get out of here!”

And it worked! They all stood there for a moment, then ran off. What the hell just happened? I said it and they did it, without question. Could I make anyone do what I wanted?

It was at that moment I realised I could do anything I want and make anybody do what I wanted.

It was a great day, but it didn’t last long…

I arrived home just after 6. My parents were waiting for me. They’d been arguing again.

“Where have you been?”


“What do you mean, out? You’ve been gone for hours.”

“I was only down the shops.”

“Don’t answer your mother back!”

“I only wen……”

“Go to your room now!!!!”

“Oh just leave me alone, I wish you’d just die!”

At that moment they stood still just like the thugs in the alley.

“No, no, I didn’t mean it!!”

They’d collapsed, dead. It was my fault, I killed my parents….


It’s funny how events in your life shape you into the person you are today. This ability has been given to me to use as I see fit but I misused it, I couldn’t control it, does this make me a bad person or an innocent victim? Destiny will decide my fate and the fate of all others around me.

Character Appearances

Volume: One
Issue: 01-03
First aired: 28 October, 2009
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Mc hammark
Previous issue: Discoveries Pt.2
Next issue: Midas Touch
  • Mrs Deveaux


  • Charles was 20 when these events occurred

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