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Ability replication
Freezing in Strange Attractors.JPG
Jenny replicates James' ability.
Held by: Jenny Scarlet
Ability to: Replicate anybodys ability.

Ability replication is the ability to absorb abilities of other evolved humans by physically touching them. The ability donor neither loses their ability, nor feels anything when their abilities are replicated.


  • Jenny possesed this ability.


Jenny Scarlet

Jenny was born with an ability which allows her to replicate the abilities of other evolved humans by physically touching them. She first demonstrated the ability when she grabbed James' hand during a Flying class, but could not uses his ability well (Fight). She has mimicked Michael's Gravitational manipulation by touching him during another class (Upset). She has also replicated Precognition from an unknown source and again with James' power (The Ability Traps Part 2)

Replicated Abilities

Jenny Scarlet

Abilities Used

Current Ability

Jenny's current replicated ability is Hydrokinesis from an James Connol (as of The Ability Traps Part 2).


<gallery>} Image:Freezing in Strange Attractors.JPG|After touching James' hand, Jenny can now also project water. (Fight)
Image:Powers Canfield vortex in the middle of his home.jpg|During a class, Jenny touches Michael Sham, and makes a black hole. (Upset)
Image:Peter's prophecy.JPG|Jenny show the boys a painting she made. (The Powerful Animal Max)