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User:Mike Mike Mike/Years Of School/Episode:Upset

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 3
First aired: Dec 7th 2010
Micah running in halls.JPG
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: Upset Part 2


  • Random expolsions start to happan at Manaj's.


By the next morning James and Michael thought that meeting the ten-foot animal had been an excellent discovery and they were very keen to discover another something. James could hardly believe it when he'd realised he'd been at Manaj's two months. His lesson, too, were becoming more and more interesting now that they had mastered the basics. On Hallowe'en morning they woke up to the delicious smell of cakes and pumpkins. Even better, Mr King announced in Telekinesis Class, that he thought they were ready to start making objects float. Mr King put the class into pairs to practise. James partner was Stephanie Hills (which was a relief, because James enjoyed talking to her). Michael, however, was to be working with Jenny Scarlet. It was hard to tell whether Michael or Jenny was ok with this. Mr King told the class to try and used their ability to lift the object off the table. It was very difficult. James and Stephanie tried, but the glass they were supposed to be gracefully levitiating just lay on the desk and get burnt and wet. Stephanie got so impatient with it, that she used her ability to set fire to it - James has to put it out using his water ability. Michael, at the next table, wasn't having much luck. He'd try to make the tinest Gravitational vacum he could, but it just kept getting sucked into nothing-ness. James heard Jenny snap, 'You're doing it wrong.' 'You do it, then, if you're so clever. Go on, replicate my ability then, gon on,' Michael snarled. Jenny braced herself, grabbed Michael's hand and made two small black holes, one above and one below the glass. 'Oh, well done!' shouted Mr King, clapping. 'Everybody look, Jenny has done it!' Michael was very bad tempered after class. 'She's a nightmare, honestly,' he said to James as they pused their way through a crowed corridor. 'No wonder she hasn't got any friends.' Someone knocked into James as they hurried past him. It was Jenny in tears. 'I think she heard you.' Jenny didn't turn up to next class and wasn't seen all afternoon. On there way to lunch, James and Michael overheard Kirsty Joop telling her friend Hollie that Jenny was crying in the girls' toilets and wanted to be left alone. Later on when the food was set, James was helping himself to some pasta and everybody was giggling and having a fun time when a huge explosion came from the top left corner of the room. It took several minutes to bring silence. 'Teaching assistance,' Mrs Magpie rumbled, 'Lead the houses back to the commonrooms immediately!' Stacy was in her element. 'Follow me! Stick together, first years! Stay close behind me, now! Excuse me!' 'How could the explosion happen?' James asked as they climed upstairs. 'Don't ask me,' said Michael. 'Maybe somebody done it as a Hollowe'en joke.' Suddently another explosion happend. Bricks flew everywhere and students covered their faces and bodies. Everybody started rushing. They passed different groups of people hurrying in different directions. As they jostled their way through a crowed of confused Turners, James suddently grabbed Michael's arm. 'I've just thought - Jenny.' 'What about her?' 'She doesn't know about these explosions.' Michael bit his lip. 'Oh, all right,' he snapped. 'But Stacy'd better not see us.'