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Debras Sky
Jennifer's carny.jpg
First appearance Upset Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability Weather control
Nicknames Debbie,
Age 32
Occupation Medicine Teacher

Debras Sky is a teacher who teaches Medicine classes at Manaj's School For The Superpowerdly Gifted.

Character History

Upset Part 2

When James Connol and Michael Sham decided to go and look for Jenny Scarlet, Debras Sky had grew a great suspicion of flying teacher, Glad Yaga and went looking for her to stop her from stealing the Shanti Virus. Later on, Sky, Yaga and depty headmaster Malcome King came to inspect the girls toliets to find James, Jenny, Michael and a pile of illusion dust on the floor. Sky bent down to inspect the dust and identifyed it.

The Future

James is unhappy that he has Sky first lesson.

Shanti Suresh

When James, Jenny and Michael finally discover who Shanti Suresh is, Jenny says to the other two, "he three headed animal must be garding Batch 316! I bet The Company stole it and asked mrs Magpie to keep it safe for them, because they knew someone was after this! And who's the one person who would want to be the only one with powers?" Jenny says it's miss Sky.

Shanti Suresh Part 2

James seems to be running into miss Sky wherever he goes. Sky meets Glad Yaga in the forest, unaware that she is being followed by James Connol. James follows Sky into the forest where she meets Yaga and they speak of the Shanti Virus, James thinks that Sky is trying to figure out a way to steal the virus.

The Powerful Animal Max

It is said that Sky was sweeping about in her usual cold mood, which surely ment that the Shanti Virus was safe. Also, James, Jenny and Michael learn from Donna Caff that Sky was one of the few teacher who set traps to protect the virus.

The Powerful Animal Max Part 2

Sky catches Jenny and James out a night and gives them a detention.

Detention Part 2

While in detention, the whole sky turns grey which makes James wonder if Debras Sky was using her ability at the time. James also mentions Sky when he accuses her, to Jenny and Michael, of wanting to steal the Shanti Virus.

The Ability Traps

During the exam, Sky makes all her student nervous by breathing down their necks as they tried to remember how to make a anti-poison medicine. The idea of Sky stealing the virus cetainly scared the three students. Jenny mentions that they have no proof Sky found out how to get past that creature.

Evolved Human Abilities

Debras Sky has the ability to control the weather.