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First appearance Take Me Back
In-story stats
Known ability Animal Mimicry
Age 31

Yookie is a friend of miss Galore and was involed in the killing of Gary Connol.

Character History

Take Me Back

James sees her in the past, standing over his dead dad.

The Team

She meets up with Miss Galore who calls calls Michael Jameson.

My Mother

Miss Glaore and herself track down Michael Jameson, and get a lot of information from him about his mother. He then trys to get his mother back using his ability. Suddently Glad burst through the door.

On The Run

Yookie and Miss Galore try to get some information from Glad but is nearly killed by her. Yookie turns into a small animal to escape.

Evolved Human Abilities

Yookie has the ablity to turn into animals.