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Miss Galore
Sue Landers.jpg
First appearance Troubled
In-story stats
Known ability Supercharging
Age 35
Occupation English Teacher

Miss Galore is James Connol's english teacher. She was also involled in the killing of James' dad.

Character History


Miss Galore catches James talking to Jenny so she shouts at him and tells him to get out of her classroom. When they argue James makes the glass of water on her desk, jump up at her.

Wedding Day

At the end of the episode Jenny tells James she plans to kill miss Galore.

Take Me Back

Jenny steals a peice of paper from her.

The Team

She meets up with Yookie and then calls Michael Jameson.

My Mother

Yookie and herself track down Michael Jameson, and get a lot of information from him about his mother. He then trys to get his mother back using his ability. Suddently Glad burst through the door.

On The Run

Miss Galore asks Glad about Susan and then later on is nearly killed by her.

Evolved Human Abilities

Miss Galore has the ability to 'boost' the ablities of other.