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User:Radicell/Volume Four timeline

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This page is a timeline of the episodes and graphic novels that have been released during Volume 4. Since Timeline:Post-March 2007 cannot document them due to lack of a given date, they will be documented here as "Day One", "Day Two", etc., with "Day One" being the start of Volume 4. An episode's title given in bold italics means that the episode takes place within that one day in its entirety.


  • 1961 (Flashback scenes)


Between Volume 3 events and Day One

Five weeks before Day Four

Four weeks before Day Four

Three weeks before Day Four

One week before Day Four

Day One

Prior to Day Two

Day Two

Between Day Two and Day Five

Prior to Day Four

Day Four

Between Volume 3 events and Day Five

Day Five

Day Six

Unspecified date between Day Six and Day Ten

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Unspecified date after Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Six Weeks after Day Eleven