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Energy manipulation
Energy manipulation.png
Rowan prepares to absorb the kinetic energy of an approaching object.
Originally held by: Unknown
Absorbed by: Rowan Quinain
Ability to: Manipulate energy

Energy manipulation is the ability to absorb, manipulate, and channel all kinds of energy.



This ability allows the user to absorb energy through their hands. With this absorbed energy, they can enhance their own powers. For example, when shot at with a gun, Rowan was able to absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet speeding at him, causing it to stop and fall in mid-air. He then found he was able to run really fast after absorbing the energy of the bullet. Also, on more than one occasion, he has absorbed the heat energy of hot objects, such as a steaming kettle, which caused his skin to become extremely hot to touch.

A side effect to this ability, however, is that the user cannot hold a single type of energy for a prolonged period of time. At one point, Rowan had absorbed a significant amount of kinetic energy and kept it for over a day; the next day, he experienced severe nausea, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

Users of this ability are also able to dispose of their absorbed energy into matter, causing that matter to experience the same effects of the energy as the user did. Rowan's preferred method of getting rid of his energy is to dispose of it into the air, although he has also channeled kinetic and heat energy into ice cubes to melt them. He has also recharged various electronic devices with electrical energy.

It is unknown if Rowan can absorb more than one type of energy at once.

Known Energies Absorbed

Rowan has been known to absorb the following types of energy and manipulate them to produce different kinds of effects:

Memorable Quotes

"I'm so glad I paid attention in physics. I know what I can do with this ability now. If I touch, say, a car speeding at me at 200 miles per hour, I can stop that car! With a single hand! Not only that, I can travel at 200 miles per hour if I wanted to!"

- Rowan (to Rowan's friend)


  • When Rowan uses this ability to channel heat energy into fire, the color of the fire produced is black. It is unknown what causes this color change, although it has been confirmed Rowan has not been using chromakinesis to alter its color.

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